Friday, March 07, 2014

Cold Wings: The Soft and Stupid Kevin Drumettes

Kevin Drum is a con artist.

Was he always?

I don't know.  He whored to help start the Iraq War, that's when he shows up on my radar.

And Mother Jones needs not lecture about the lack of accountability on the part of the media re: selling war on Iraq with lies when their hires are people who sold the Iraq War.

It takes a lot of gall for elements on the faux left -- that's Mother Jones -- to whine about no accountability on the part of the press when they're hiring a whore like Kevin Drum as opposed to, for example, Bill Scherr (Liberal Oasis) who opposed war on Iraq.

Kevin writes ridiculous crap for Mother Jones that may or may not be clickable but is nothing but stupidity and con-jobs.

Not long ago, I helped the Democratic leadership structure and define a poll that disproves Kevin's lies today.

Is it impossible for that stupid little ___ to tell the truth?

I have no idea.

(Polling was done for the Democratic Party by a Dem polling firm run by a friend who called me because he felt their terms weren't precise enough and I looked over it and offered input.  After the polling, I looked over the results and offered an analysis.  This was done for a friend as a favor.  There was no payment.  The purpose of the poll, though not stated to me in words, was to determine whether certain Dems could run against Bully Boy Bush as an election strategy.)

I'm sorry little Kevin never learned a damn thing in his life.  I'm ever sorrier that Mother Jones amplifies his stupidity.

Dim-wit Drum's piece is entitled "George Bush Lost an Entire Generation for the Republican Party" and, based on a PEW poll, Drummy types:

Whatever it was that Karl Rove and George Bush did—and there are plenty of possibilities, ranging from Iraq to gays to religion—they massively alienated an entire generation of voters. Sure, they managed to squeak out a couple of presidential victories, but they did it at the cost of losing millions of voters who will probably never fully return.

He's so damn stupid.

And you can encourage that stupidity if your job is to advance the Republican Party (I don't care one way or another -- I'm really over politicians who demonize their opponent but never offer any real alternatives while insisting "I'm better!") or if  your job is to rehabilitate the image of Bully Boy Bush (I do give a damn there, he's a War Criminal).

If the world began in November 2000, Drum's stupidity might be more understandable.

Kat's been trying to highlight this issue since the poll.  She hasn't talked about the poll but she's written about the damage this crap does.  (She's not written about the poll because she knows the person over it was a friend of mine.)  That's why she keeps calling out the crap Rachel Maddow offers.

Bully Boy Bush did many awful things.  And convicted felon John Dean likes to maintain that BBB was worse than Nixon.  That's debatable.

I was opposed to the war on Vietnam.  Many Americans were and worked to end it.  But I'm not stupid like Kevin, I'm aware that Nixon's actions regarding Watergate and his enemies list mattered even more to most Americans.

Nixon resigned to avoid being impeached.  He left office in August 1974 in disgrace.

He was in the middle of his term and Gerald Ford served out the remainder.

Nixon was a Republican.

In 1976, it was known that basically any Democrat could win the presidency (as was true in 2008 -- which was why the party, if it really was left, should have backed a left candidate and a not a corporatist trickster like Barack).

This was huge, Nixon's disgrace.

But it only resulted in one White House term for the Democrats.  A fact liars and whores like Kevin can't deal with it.

Jimmy Carter had his problems (I voted for Jimmy, campaigned for him and will and have critiqued him here -- negatively and positively).  But Jimmy wasn't the reason that 1980 ushered in three terms of Republican presidencies.

Liars and whores like Kevin Drum and Rachel Maddow were.  (And Elaine noted this herself back in 2008 at her blog.  She was already writing about how over the top the whoring was and how it was going to lead to a backlash against the left just as happened following the 70s.)

If there was a reason to comment on Nixon, by all means do so.

But the faux left (Democratic partisans without ethichs who only focus on the next election cycle) couldn't leave it alone.

Just like Rachel Maddow this week insisting to Andrea Mitchell that Bully Boy Bush was responsible for the Ukraine crisis.

Assume it were true (it's most likely not), it doesn't help the Democratic Party or Barack Obama to say that.

In fact, everything in your stupid head that you keep spewing on MSNBC et al does not advance Barack or the Democratic Party.

And that's fine to a degree, I'm not really invested in who someone's voting for.

So they can overplay their hand as the whores of the mid and late 70s did.

Jose or Renee watching Rachel Maddow at home?

They're going to do the math.  Bully Boy Bush left the White House in January 2009.  It's March 2014?

Most people are not going to buy that.

Some will be amused but some are going to be ticked off.

Because it's dishonest and Americans don't like being lied to.

Reality, you can divide the electorate (those who vote) into thirds.

A third will support the GOP (and Bully Boy Bush), a third will support the Dems and a third is swayed.

This is not a hidden secret.

In fact, this is why The Nation magazine, The Progessive and (sadly) Mother Jones are worthless, they grasp that they can sway a third (often referred to as "the middle").

So instead of tackling issues that actually matter, they whore and whore some more.  Because it's all about the elections for these whores.  It's not about ending wars, it's not about helping the poor, it's not about schools or living standards, it's about elections.

And these whores are dumb whores because they're the ones who push people away from the Democratic Party while they're trying to get them to vote for the Democrats.

Nixon left office in disgrace.  His final years should have been a huge disgrace but he was refurbished and he had a state funeral and was treated like a leader and a 'statesman' and people felt the news 'for balance' to offer up China or some other nonsense.

He's a criminal who resigned to avoid impeachment.

How does he get redeemed?

Faux 'left' whores who couldn't be honest.

Like Rachel Maddow trying to pin the Ukraine on Bully Boy Bush, they overplayed their hand on Nixon.

They kept pinning things on Nixon (who already had enough shame to cover every pore of his skin) and, in doing so, made what Nixon was actually guilty of a minor issue and caused doubt for some because the new charges never stopped emerging.

I've stated repeatedly: Bully Boy Bush no longer occupies the White House and I'm so thankful for that.

If we raise BBB these days, it's usually due to his installing Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister of Iraq (2006) and we follow that pointing by pointing out the reality that Nouri lost the 2010 elections and only got a second term because Barack Obama went around the voters, the Constitution and democracy to broker a contract (The Erbil Agreement) granting Nouri a second term.

We're not obsessed with Bully Boy Bush.  Life moves on.  Iraqis suffer today under a tyrant and obsessing over the past is not addressing any of the realities of the last year.

MSNBC and Rachel Maddow have now offered their second 'special' supposedly on the Iraq War -- as with their first, it was a special that featured no Iraqis.

Their special is nothing but an attempt to interject Bully Boy Bush into the conversation, to try to rally that third or "the middle" to vote Democrat in 2014.

It's not a news special and its a waste of the airwaves.

But most of all?

It's helping Bush and it's helping the Iraq War.

These bulls**t stunts please MSNBC's tiny audience but outside of that?  They only harm.

Because that third or 'middle' you want to sway?

He or she is worried about their job, worried about their home, worried about friends and family, worried about whatever news issues they manage to learn about in an increasingly corrupt US media.

They're aware that it's 2014.  The Bush hatred?  It doesn't just seem passe, it seems weak.

On American Dad's "All About Steve," this exchange takes place:

Hayley:  It's not my fault the job market sucks, I didn't vote for Bush.

Roger:  Let it go, Hayley.

That episode first aired in September 2005.

It's only more true today.

And when you keep piling on and make 'creative' charges that are difficult to prove or believe, you make it look like all your charges aren't that real and people start to doubt you and the charges -- including the original and valid charges against BBB.  That's why Nixon got a little image rehab.

It's why Bully Boy Bush could as well -- not to mention the illegal Iraq War.

Kevin Drum's a whore like Rachel Maddow.  Neither opposed the Iraq War.

After it started and when public sentiment clearly turned against it, Drum and Maddow came along to pretend they were against it.

These two whores and others like them didn't try to stop the Iraq War because they were worried about Democrats getting elected.

Now they abuse and misuse the illegal war for partisan reasons again.

If you were part of the peace movement and not just pretending to be, you need to be calling out these whores because their over reach and their nonstop b.s. distractions will change opinion on the illegal war.

They don't care.

They didn't care enough to oppose it before it started.

They don't care enough today to tell you what Nouri al-Maliki's doing in Iraq or to focus on the Human Rights Watch reports.

But they will gladly use the illegal war they cheered on to try to now drive up votes for Democrats.

I don't want the Iraq War 'redeemed.'

For those who don't care one way or the other about Iraq but do care about electing Dems?  Put your rabid dogs on a leash or in a kennel because all their yapping and barking is doing is pissing people off.

Kevin Drum-ette fails to grasp the trend of aging which is men are more likely to grow more conservative as they age.  (This is true of a number of women as well but the percentage is unknown because studies have focused on men.  As usual, studies have focused on men.)

There's another trend: It's called living life.

Simplistic messaging is a lot harder the further one gets from campus life.

Can we get a health inspector to Mother Jones?  They need to take the Kevin Drumettes off the menu before someone gets hurts.

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