Monday, March 03, 2014

White House arms tyrant Nouri but doesn't want you talking about his killings

Doctors, residents and NGO workers in Fallujah are accusing the Iraqi government of "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" that have occurred as a result of its ongoing attack on the city.
Dr. Ahmed Shami, the chief of resident doctors at Fallujah General Hospital, told Truthout that since Iraqi government forces began shelling Fallujah in early January 2014, at least 109 civilians have been killed and 632 wounded.

That's the opening to  Dahr Jamail's "Iraqi Government Killing Civilians in Fallujah" (Truthout).  These War Crimes are taking place and have been since December was winding down.

Where is the outrage in the US?

Anadolu Agency reports:

Four Iraqis have been killed in an airstrike that targeted a passenger vehicle in the western city of Fallujah, a tribal source said Monday.
"The aircraft shelled a vehicle carrying ten people in the city," the source told Anadolu Agency."

Where is the outrage?

WikiLeaks releases Collateral Damage, video of a US assault and many of us are appalled (as we should be).  But, in the US, we don't give a damn that for weeks now Nouri has been terrorizing the Iraqi people?  And doing so with the weapons Barack has demanded he be given?

Nouri's bombed Falluja General Hospital, Falluja Educational Hospital, residential neighborhoods --

The White House can't shut up about the Ukraine now.

Yeah, I'd talk about that too if my hands were bloodied from arming a tyrant like Nouri who was killing the Iraqi people.

Timothy McGrath (Global Post) points out:

Maybe US Secretary of State John Kerry has forgotten about the Iraq War.
How else could he appear on "Face the Nation" and, with a straight face, slam Russia for "invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext"?

International law expert Francis A. Boyle points out,  "John Kerry is claiming to stand for international law and invokes the 1994 Budapest Agreement. Of course the U.S. has repeatedly violated international law, with the Iraq invasion (which Kerry voted for) and numerous other instances. But even in this case, if you examine the Victoria Nuland [assistant secretary of state] tape, it's clear that the U.S. was plotting a coup in the Ukraine and a coup is what happened. So Russia is only the second country guilty of violating Ukrainian sovereignty and the Budapest Agreement in response to the previous violations by the Obama administration."

Barack has armed Nouri.  There is no high horse left to mount.

And it is past time that Americans started paying attention to the thug the US installed (2006 under Bully Boy Bush) and insisted have a second term even when he lost the election (2010 under Barack).

If you can't find your voice after nine weeks of Nouri attacking the Iraqi people -- using weapons supplied to him by the White House?  You don't need to pipe up about the Ukraine, you're too busy drowning in your own hypocrisy to speak.

Nouri's bombing of residential areas in Falluja today?  NINA reports four civilians were left injured.

But don't worry.  I'm sure you can waste everyone's time on the Ukraine or possibly on the New Jersey governor, right?

National Iraqi News Agency reports 1 police member was shot dead and a civilian left injured in western Baghdad (Abu Ghraib), a Muqdadiyah home bombing left 1 person dead, attorney Imad al-Najmawi was shot dead in Mosul, a Mosul roadside bombing left 2 Iraqi soldiers dead and a third, an armed battle in Ramadi near the stadium and 60th Street left 2 rebels dead and three Iraqi soldiers injured, Majo General Riadh al-Khikany states they killed 1 suspect to the north of Hilla, Baghdad Operations Command notes they killed 1 suspect in Baghdad, a Kirkuk car bombing left twenty people injured, the Ministry of Interior announced they killed 15 suspects in Anbar, Kirkuk attacks left 4 people dead and six more people injured, police member Almosul Aljadeedah was shot dead in Mosul, 1 corpse was discovered in Mosul,  and 1 corpse was found dumped in the streets of Baghdad ("handcuffed and with gunshot wounds in the head").

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