Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Nouri's continued failure to provide security

World Bulletin notes that Baghdad was slammed with multiple bombings today.  NINA notes a Shula car bombing, 2 Sadr City car bombings and one Bayaa roadside bombing left 3 people dead and thirty-five injured.  Citing police sources, World Bulletin counts 21 dead and sixty-seven injured in Baghdad bombings. AFP also reports 21 dead from Baghdad bombings.

Prensa Latina observes, "The crisis deepened in al-Anbar in December 2013 after authorities dismantled the main Sunni anti-government protest camp in the country, on the outskirts of Ramadi."

And the assault on Anbar continues.

NINA reports the military's bombing of Falluja left 4 civilians ("including a child") dead and seven more injured.  And the military's airstrike in Ramadi left a man and a woman dead and three more in their "civilian car" injured.

At what point does the US government get honest that Nouri is terrorizing the Iraqi people, not hunting down terrorists?

Today someone did get honest.  We'll note it in the snapshot.  Sadly, it wasn't anyone in the current administration -- an administration which appears determined to set new records for lying.

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports a Jurfi-ssakhar roadside bombing left two people injured, a Hermat battle left two Iraqi soldiers injured, a Miqdadiya attack left 1 Indian tourist dead and four more injured, Joint Operations Command states they killed 2 suspects in Mosul,  and 1 corpse was discovered "dumped near a water stream" in al-Muqdadiyah.

All that violence and he thinks he deserves a third term?

All he's done is create even more violence by refusing to listen to peaceful protesters, by verbally attacking them, by physically attacking them, by tearing down their protest sites.

For over nine weeks, he's attempted to 'solve' issues with violence.

It has not and is not working.

Only an idiot continues down this path.

But Nouri al-Maliki is a real idiot -- which is why Bully Boy Bush made him prime minister to begin with and why Barack Obama insisted he get a second term even though he lost the 2010 elections.

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