Thursday, May 15, 2014

Constitution in Crisis (Bill of Rights Defense Committee)

This is from the Bill or Rights Defense Committee:

Constitution in Crisis

May 2014, Vol. 13 No. 05

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Cities around the country say: fusion centers are wasteful, fraudulent, and perpetuate racial profiling

Diverse, multiracial grassroots coalitions from around the country held teach-ins, press conferences, and actions to challenge civil liberties violations by fusion centers, which coordinate the surveillance activities of local police alongside federal agencies like the NSA and FBI.

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Highlights from the past month include:

Grassroots News

To view campaigns supported by BORDC at a glance, visit our interactive campaign maps for local coalitions addressing surveillance and profiling by local law enforcement, or military detention under the NDAA. To get involved in any of these efforts, please email the BORDC Organizing Team at organizing (at) bordc (dot) org. We’re eager to hear from you and help support your activism!

New Resources & Opportunities

Microgrants offer opportunities for grassroots action To help encourage outreach, public education, and grassroots mobilization, BORDC has provided microgrants to grassroots coalitions pursuing local campaigns to advance civil rights and civil liberties. Grants up to $500 are available to help active coalitions expand their local visibility, and/or host events.
BORDC seeks Communications Specialist
BORDC seeks a communications specialist to oversee all of BORDC’s communications, media, and online programming. This includes:
  • managing the organization’s online social networking profiles and web content
  • engaging traditional media sources
  • editing BORDC blog and newsletters

BORDC seeks summer 2014 interns
BORDC invites applications from current or recent students seeking summer internships. Interns are vital to BORDC’s work around the country, and participate in substantive research, writing, outreach, and organizing projects.

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