Monday, May 12, 2014


Do we have to deal with it?

It's been that kind of morning.

Apparently, we'll have to deal with Benghazi today. Benghazi's a story and it needs to be addressed.  And we've done that here multiple times but it's Monday and already it's apparently in need of addressing again.  (Also true, we were supposed to have done a piece on it at Third yesterday but time ran out.) So despite promising myself that I would shrink the Iraq snapshots down, it's going to have to be yet another long one tonight because we'll have to bring in Benghazi.

Iraq makes the front page of the New York Times today!

But it's about a 2007 incident -- a heavily covered 2007 incident.  One we were again (again!) going over in a lengthy morning entry just last Friday.

I'm not arguing that it's not news but it's a real shame with all going on in Iraq right now, this article about a 2007 incident is on the front page.

Just like it's a shame that 20 killed Iraqi troops is an inside the paper story, inside the international section.

Just like it's a shame that the story I'm talking about is an Associated Press story.

Why don't you have your own NYT story?

The incident is news but the AP story isn't all that.  And since the paper is paying people to report from Iraq, why isn't the paper using the work of their own employees?

With the panic -- no one's supposed to be talking about this -- over the paper's latest circulation losses, I don't understand why you'd run any AP story in the international section since the international section is one of the main selling points of the paper and always has been.

And I don't understand the whores.

I know Think Progress is nothing but whores.  They've already been exposed for taking orders from the current White House, for killing coverage because it made the current White House angry and so much more.

So it's not like I have that many illusions about the type of whore that works in the Podesta mill.

But they're doing an attack on someone today.

Of course it's a Republican running for office, the person they're attacking.

I'm looking at it and it's just so confusing to me.

The whore is doing nothing but trying to work up hate.  The whore's working really hard to turn a minor thing into full-on, dripping hate.

And the Republican is running against a Democrat.

In March, I had to waste time evaluating whether or not to mention the Democrat, to call him out?

He made a comment that was stupid.

If you're running for re-election (and you're a sitting politician), you know better.

It was a stupid remark and many veterans and veterans families took offense to it.

I had blown it off as a stupid remark.

But it became this huge issue in the e-mails for about a week.  So I had to stop and spend 20 minutes debating whether it was something worthy of attention here or not.

An Iraq War veteran (the Democrat's Republican opponent -- the same one Think Progress is trying to attack today) was insulted in a remark that was insulting to many other veterans.

Again, it was a stupid remark.

Rethinking it for 20 minutes?

It was still no more than a stupid remark, one made in passing, not the end of the world and not even worthy of noting it here.

The Democrat in question has a pro-veteran record.  He made a stupid remark and that's all it was.

Now Think Progress?  As they attack and smear the Republican candidate today, they don't have the decency, in their faux outrage, to bring up what the Democrat said in March.

I'm so sick of these people pretending that they're left.

They're not left.  They're partisan whores.

Every day, they spin and lie and spew at the other party.

They serve up non-stop hate.

They shouldn't be allowed to pose as journalists.  They certainly shouldn't be getting any special postal discounts because they are partisan.

I have been on the road speaking across the country for many, many years now.

People are sick of Congress and the bickering.

But they're also getting sick of 'news outlets' that aren't about news.

If Think Progress and The Nation's blogs, et al, spent even half as much time promoting left issues -- real concepts, real needs -- as they did tearing down Republicans, this country would be a lot better off.

Too many of us on the left, have stopped fighting for what the country and the future needs and are instead whoring ourselves for the benefit of a political party -- one which doesn't appear to appreciate us as evidenced by Barack's promotion of Wal-Mart just last week (see Third's "Whoring the office yet again").

And buy a damn clue already: If we weren't such cheap whores, if we were promoting real issues and only focusing on those, it would force Democratic politicians to fight in Congress for real issues because that's the only way they'd get coverage from The Nation, et al.

Instead, they sell out the poor, they sell out civil liberties, they look the other way on war, and we seem to believe we owe them our every waking hour.  It's shameful.

Just like it's shameful that we broke the story of this meet-up last night.

And we're still the only ones to cover it.

Nouri's ready for US troops.  And doesn't he look happy as he beams at US General Lloyd Austin on Sunday?

But let's look away, right?

I'm so sick of the nonsense spewing from left and 'left' outlets.  It's like every day's a play day for them.

There's nothing playful about what Nouri's done to Iraq.

He's committing War Crimes.  He's using the weapons provided to him by the US government to target civilians in Falluja.  They are being punished because he says there are terrorists in the city.  There are Iraqis in the city.  By going along with the lie that they're 'terrorists,' the US government is choosing sides in a civil war.  I remember when Joe Biden decried that.

But, of course, he was a Senator then.  Now he's Vice President and Joe doesn't give a damn.

So today, the continued shelling of Falluja's residential neighborhood ("collective punishment" is the term for this legally defined War Crime) has killed 2 civilians and left eleven more injured.

In other violence? National Iraqi News Agency reports 1 person was shot dead in Hilla, a Meshahda sticky bombing left 1 police member dead, 1 person was shot dead in Mada'an and another left injured, security forces killed 3 suspects in Alarbajiyah, 2 al-Baladiyat bombings left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and three more injured, a Jorfis-Sakhar roadside bombing left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and ten more injured, an Alqwaisat roadside bombing left four soldiers injured, Baghdad Operations Command announced they killed 2 suspects, a Baiji attack on Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim's convoy left the colonel and three of his bodyguards injured, 7 attorneys were kidnapped from their central Baghdad office,  and 3 corpses were found dumped "northwest of Baghdad" ("handcuffed with signs of gunshots").

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