Tuesday, September 02, 2014

'We must protect the dam!' is soooo last week

NINA reports:

The American army launched new raids on targets belonging to the Islamic State organization near Mosul Dam in northern Iraq. 
 The Central Command said in a statement that "fighter jets bombed several targets belonging to the Islamic State and managed to damage three trucks and another severely damaged and destroyed armored vehicles and mortars near Mosul Dam in northern Iraq."

The lies that started the Iraq War and the ones that keep it going.

Bombing around the dam again.

After allowing the 'brave' reporters of ABC, et al, to fret on air about how the dam could be blown up by the Islamic State and flood Baghdad!!!!

What a load of crap.

It reminds me of Kay Bailey Hutchison.

She was a US Senator from Texas.  She's no longer in the Congress.

As the Iraq War was starting, she was mocked by other members of Congress in her own party (she's a Republican).  Why?

She wrote a column demanding the administration provide the troops going into Iraq with the protective suits and masks they'd need in case Saddam Hussein unleashed his chemical weapons.

See, even then, most Republicans in Congress knew it was a lie, the WMD excuse for war was a lie.

Her own colleagues found it hilarious that Hutchison had bought the lie.

So here we are with the US military continuing to bomb around this dam they were supposedly so worried about.

This dam the media was so quick to say would threaten the US Embassy in Baghdad.  (As we noted last week, it was good to see Barack stop using that false claim.)

The selling of war never ends.  And, as we can see today, the selling of war is amplified when a Democrat is in office.  The rare voices that might question when a Republican is in office go silent when it's a Democrat.

Getting your arm blown off while a Democrat's in the Oval Office is apparently a good and noble thing and nothing to ever object to.

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