Monday, April 13, 2015

Can someone wake up Barack?

We'll assume you're again sleeping, Barack Obama.

You've missed every major moment in Iraq while you've been president so we'll assume you slept through them and that you're not as inept as your record on Iraq would indicate.

Saturday, Arshad Mohammed and Phil Stewart (Reuters) broke the news that on his visit to DC, Haider al-Abadi intends to ask for more weapons and needs them on credit.

See Iraq's in the midst of major money problems right now.

If you missed the news then, AP is covering it this morningSo is AFP.

You've missed every moment like this before, so wipe your eyes, drink your coffee, wake yourself up -- slowly if necessary -- and grasp this is a significant moment.

You don't have to go to war with a country to get concessions.

Right now, Iraq has a need.

This is where you can press your needs.

Last June, you insisted the only solution to Iraq's crises was a political solution.

There has been no progress there.

Haider has a want.

This is where you use that want.

This is where you say, "We don't give you anything until you . . . "

This is a significant moment.

This is where you press for real reform -- not more empty words from Haider.

Joe Biden tried to spin the political solution in a speech last week.

He was the joke of the Arab press as a result.

You might want to wake up and factor that in as you determine your next move.

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