Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Haider's in the US, Brett's giddy and wants a sleep over

In Iraq, the violence continues.  Press TV reports, "At least 11 people have been killed and 28 others injured in two car bombings and a booby-trap bomb attack in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad, sources say."  Sinan Salaheddin (AP) adds, "Later on Tuesday afternoon, two car bombs went off simultaneously in Baghdad's southeastern outskirts, in al-Wihda area, killing six civilians and wounding 13, another police officer said."

Meanwhile Brett McGurk barely got any sleep last night.  Plagued by nightmares over all the dead in Iraq he's been responsible for -- first as Bully Boy Bush's best boy, now as Barack's?


He was giddy as a Brony on the morning of a My Little Pony convention.

He explains in a Tweet:

Looking forward to big 1st day w/PM Abadi: Breakfast with VP Biden, then POTUS at the WH, followed by Sec. Kerry, and a group of U.S. CEOs.
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Well as Beck once said, "Get crazy with the Cheese Whiz."

Former US House Rep Patrick Kennedy (writing at The Hill) feels the visit to DC by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is a chance to reset relations and provide guidelines with regards to Iran:

If Tehran came away from negotiations in Switzerland with the notion that the US will continue to look the other way on Iran’s domestic abuses and pursuit of regional hegemony, then the Obama administration has a greater responsibility than ever to use Abadi’s visit to pull Iraq away from Iran's sphere of influence.
[. . .]
Engagement with the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism was not a sensible strategy. Obama has been too eager to strike a deal with Iran. In fact, Obama previously declared that he foresaw Iran becoming a “very successful regional power.” Using Abadi’s visit to finally challenge and counteract Iran’s presence in Iraq would clearly communicate to Iran that it cannot continue its aggression with impunity. 

At POLITICO, Michael Crowley notes that the administration is very frustrated by doubts of success and that the latest wave of Operation Happy Talk began last week with US Vice President Joe Biden's heavily promoted speech claiming success in Iraq.

Of course, most observers of the speech rightly noted that Joe's claims just didn't hold up.

The Pentagon's on a big push this morning insisting that there's been huge success in the war against the Islamic State.

But others may beg to differ.

  • Most importantly, the war against the Islamic State was not what Barack proposed last June.  Back then he insisted the only way to end the current crises was a political solution.  Two months away from a year later and there's still no political solution.

    And yet Haider al-Abadi arrived in the US with a wish list.

    From yesterday's snapshot:

    Saturday, Arshad Mohammed and Phil Stewart (Reuters) broke the news that on his visit to DC, Haider al-Abadi intends to ask for more weapons and needs them on credit.  Dar Addustour adds that Haider intends to ask the US government for money to rebuild areas 'liberated' from the Islamic State.  Mohammad Sabah (Al Mada) reports Haider's wish list includes the White House accelerating the delivery of the Apache helicopters and the F-16 warplanes. AFP notes Haider also intends to ask for more US air strikes.

    Those wants are a gift to anyone smart enough to use them as leverage to force Haider to move to action on all the empty promises he's been offering.

    As the visit unfolds, various issues may be addressed.  Human Rights Watch's Kenneth Roth notes:

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