Saturday, May 02, 2015

Bernie Sanders: What He Actually Believes in (Jonathan Tasini)

I do not care for Bernie Sanders.  He was a lousy Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (and the Clinton camp will probably have zingers on that, I know because a friend with the campaign asked for an indepth briefing on Bernie as Chair and I gave a 90 minute presentation on all his errors and mis-steps) and that's more than enough to disqualify him.  Also true, all those years in the House and Senate and he passed what?  Commemorations is really all he ever passed (and did more under Bully Boy Bush than under a Democrat).  I could go on -- and have here many times.  But while he doesn't have my vote, he may have your vote now or in the future.  Jonathan Tasini (another person I don't care for) is serving up old portions of a 2013 interview:

Working Life News 

A couple of years ago, I spent many hours with Bernie Sanders interviewing him for Playboy magazine (the interview was published in October 2013). I've just received permission to post unpublished answers from him--just the nature of the editing process, nothing nefarious, but probably only one-third actually saw the light of day--along with the published part.

Before getting into his actual views, a few things. So, there is no doubt where I stand: Literally, my last comment to him was "If you run for President, I will be there for you, okay?" So, I'm there: I'll do whatever it takes, whatever I can do, to elect him president.

Second, what struck me--and I think what strikes just about any crowd that listens to him, and the reason I think he will get massive support, is that people believe that he is saying what he honestly believes in--he doesn't need to put together a team of 200 people to tell him what he should believe in--he doesn't need ideas to be poll-tested.  

He actually has a set of consistent beliefs.

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