Friday, May 01, 2015

Iraq: The blinding hatred aimed at Sunnis

This Tweet is why Hayder al-Khoei's is frowned upon by some:

  • Lobbyists who pushed for this bill in Congress have provoked just about every single Shia in Iraq. A feat only accomplished by ISIS so far.

  • It's hyperbole at best.

    First off, the objections are largely coming from the Parliament.

    Second, some of the objections are based on ignorance and not on a bill.

    Like Hayder's own ignorance -- "lobbyists"?

    "Lobbyists" pushed for this bill?

    Does he know what he's saying or how stupid it sounds?

    Ignorance also includes the statements by Shi'ite officials that this will create three governments in Iraq.

    That's a lie.

    It's not even just stupidity, it's a flat out lie.

    The US already -- from 2006 through 2010 -- armed and funded Sunnis in Anbar -- Sahwa, "Awakenings," etc.

    They didn't go through the Baghdad-based government.

    And it wasn't creating three governments.

    Also, the Kurdish Regional Government?

    It's already semi-autonomous and a little late to fret over that.

    But thugs -- and it's primarily the Shi'ite thugs -- are objecting.


    Because they hate Sunnis.

    Third, while Moqtada al-Sadr and Nouri al-Maliki's State of Law have been very vocal (Nouri's group was the first to attack), there's still no action out of the Parliament.

    Even though for days now, that's what State of Law's being calling for -- a resolution to be passed.

    Even though yesterday a committee in Parliament was tasked with drafting a response.

    Is Iraq's do nothing Parliament even unable to draft a statement?


    No wonder they've failed to lead.

    Equally important, there are minor protests going on throughout Iraq over a variety of issues right now but there is no protest -- not even a tiny one -- that finds Iraqis taking to the streets over this issue.

    We've highlighted Hayder al-Khoei before (his writing more than his Tweets) and we will again but every time we do, a large number of e-mails come in objection to the broad generalizations he tends to make.

    So some Shi'ites in the Iraqi Parliament are objecting -- not enough to apparently pass a law or resolution.

    We'll note this from Iraqi Spring MC:

    Help me out with this.  These photos capture victims.

    Where's the Shi'ite politician raging against those deaths?

    The people were reported to have been killed by a US-led coalition strike.

    And Iraqi officials never shy from calling out US actions . . .

    Unless the victims are Sunni.

    And, yes, this is Falluja in the pictures.

    Where a US-led airstrike is said to have killed civilians -- such as those pictured in the photos.

    Some lives matter to Shi'ite politicians.

    Some lives don't.

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