Tuesday, June 09, 2015

David DeGraw's Quick Rants and Memes

David DeGraw notes.

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My wife's latest surgery went well. I will be gradually getting back into the flow as she is now home recovering. I've been posting quick rants and memes to social media lately, here's a taste...

* Why We Are Rallying At Central Banks Worldwide, explained by a 13-year-old

* Our Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity

* Over 100 Revolutionary Music Videos, Add Your Favorites

* Our Generation Needs A Real Woodstock

* Huge Turnout Expected at Bank of England for June 20 #WaveOfAction

* I've subjected myself to heavy doses of TV news

* FIFA please! The Real World Cup of Fraud

* Evolving Beyond Propagandized Reality

* We Want Our $25 Trillion Back

June 20 Central Bank #WaveOfAction Memes...

* Gandhi rides the ‪#WaveOfAction‬...

* The Dude Vs Global Bankers, Big Lebowski Rides the Wave‬

* Homey the Clown Vs Global Bankers

* Elvis Vs Global Bankers

* Committed Citizens Change The World

* Your Friendly Vampire Banker

* Imagine A Life Without Economic Stress


TRILLIONS STOLEN!! Get It Back!! Rally At Central Banks Worldwide, June 20 #WaveOfAction

The only thing that stands between us and unprecedented global prosperity is the shortsighted greed of global bankers... +Read Call to Action & Watch Video

Much gratitude to all of you who have reached out during these difficult times. It was a truly heartwarming, healing and inspiring outpouring of support! Better days ahead!!
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David DeGraw #Freedom

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