Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Barack honors Donna Mills, Haider al-Abadi seeks revenge

Barack Obama was on the TV talking about Iran and I'm sure it was important and life altering but all I could think was, "Goodness, didn't The Eyes Have It have legs?"

That was Donna Mills' 1984 how-to video and who knew Barack was such a fan?

Watching his heavily made up face, I doubted even Ronald Reagan, in his acting career, wore so much make up.

If you missed it, this Daily Beast article has a photo -- be sure to check out the pretty lips.

I couldn't figure out whether or not, he was wearing eye shadow or if they'd just not put that foundation -- that heavy foundation -- on his eye lids?

But clearly I missed a great deal as the Mary Kay in Chief was speaking -- as this Tweet indicates:

People who supported the Iraq War are calling this treaty awful and delusional, so that's a good sign.

Hillary Clinton has called the Iran "treaty awful and delusional"?

John Kerry (he was for it before he was against it) has called it "awful and delusional"?

John Edwards came out from under his rock to call it "awful and delusional"?

Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Jay Rockefeller and Chris Dodd did as well?

Barack must have been heartbroken when Joe Biden called it "awful and delusional."

Because those are some of the 29 then-Democratic Senators who voted for the Iraq War in 2002.

Do we need to note the 89 Democrats in the House at the time who voted for it?

Or how about all the Democrats who refused to filibuster in order to end funding?

Jesse Taylor is a twit on Twitter and he appears to argue the nonsense of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

Again, he's a twit.

Patrick Cockburn embeds with Shi'ite fanatics for the Independent.  Let's hope they didn't keep him up all night.

Is the deal that Iran knocking Haider al-Abadi's planned assault on Anbar off the news papers or is it just that there's nothing there to report?

Probably a combination.

Haider's got a big mouth that talks 'freely' (remember his first visit to the US where he announced 'intel' on plans to attack NYC's subways?).

It would appear his threats ("revenge") were boasts that exceeded his abilities.

And, really, "revenge"?

I thought this was a war.

But he can't talk liberation because look at how he 'liberated' Tikrit.

Yesterday's snapshot included:

AP has also noted that the announcement was made on Iraqi TV by Yahya Rasool who is the spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command but that he failed to "clarify whether the U.S.-led international coalition is taking part, mentioning only government forces and allied Shiite and Sunni paramilitary troops."  Failed to clarify or failed to credit?

Via blowhard Brett McGurk we have the answer (failed to credit):

  • Today in : 29 coalition airstrikes have destroyed 67 staging areas in support of Iraqi ops.

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