Thursday, July 16, 2015

Barack's Idiot Supporters

It's as though Paul Rudd is Barack but, as the film made clear, the real idiots weren't Rudd's character in Our Idiot Brother, but the sisters trying to 'help.'

Before we get to that moment, let's deal with the four Americans.

A number of e-mails to the public account insist that the Iranian deal could not have included the four American hostages -- included the four being released.


It makes no sense but so little from The Cult of St. Barack does.

Releasing four Americans is basic.

The failure to secure the release of American hostages -- held hostage by Iran -- led to the self-destruct of Jimmy Carter's image when he was president.

I get that The Cult of St Barack is delusional.

We've seen that for nearly two full terms, right?

But as US President, your first duty is to the American people.

So if you are negotiating with a country to give them what they want and they are holding US citizens, your demands will always need to include the release of those hostages.

A few cult members are convinced this is "third dimensional chess" (two e-mails) or "three dimensional chess" (five e-mails).

We long ago noted here that Barack could barely handle checkers.

But if, indeed, Barack is working towards the release of those four Americans, noting that this is his job is not going to hurt.

Might it apply pressure?


He wanted the job, he's in office, he should feel the pressure of the American people calling for action to secure the release of four Americans.

Back to Barack's 'sisters.'

Suddenly, these people with no experience negotiating anything other than the internet highway, are experts on negotiations.

They insist they are, anyway.

But they're not and their stupidity not only fails to fool anyone, it also makes people question support for the treaty to begin with.

Here's how it's done in the real world, Culties.

The governments of Iran and the US have been at odds since the overthrow of the Shah.

Iran held American hostages.

Iran's done many other things over the years (as has the US) but that's the primary knowledge the average American has of **Iran.**.

Secondary knowledge for news consumers would include (a) Iran attacked US troops throughout the Iraq War (the New York Times especially loved to promote this) and supplied those fighting against US troops with weapons and (b) they want to go nuclear.

You may not feel that the above was factual.

It doesn't matter.

You need to let go of your stupidity and grasp the world you are in.

CTUTTLE offers "How Hawks Are Using Iraq War Talking Points to Stoke Fear Over Iran Deal."  If that's a piece of reporting, analysis or something similar, fine.

But FireDogPuke has a long history of selling the White House's goals to the American public.  That is why their now vanished leader was in on those strategy phone calls after all.

If this was an attempt to sell something, it was big failure.

Joe Conason and other idiots have also thought this was the way to go.

The self-righteous Medea Benjmain falters repeatedly because she thinks she is the world.

If you're trying to sell something, then you need to factor in the information base people have.

We've gone over what the average American has been exposed to.

So if Cheney or whomever starts insisting that the deal will lead to Iran getting nukes, that's a concern the American people have been primed for.

Telling them, "Oh, these people were wrong about Iraq!"?

That's not really the issue.

I know Glenn Greenwald's venture is all over that talking point as is he on his Twitter feed.

And it's meaningless although it may remind some people that Glenn Greenwald was one of those wrong on Iraq types (he cheerled that illegal war).

I get why Glenn and the others do this.

It's easy.

And they're lazy.

You don't have to read the treaty.

You don't have to know anything you didn't already know the day before Barack was announcing the treaty was a done deal.

And these lazy people are not helping Barack.

They think they are.

But we've discussed what the American people believe.

They believe that because the media told them that.

And so far Barack's Cult is not addressing these beliefs in their arguments.

They think they look informed and clever with their 'daring' critiques of Dick Cheney.

But most Americans, seeing that nonsense, are not going to be swayed by it.

As a general rule, we are all wrong sometimes.

So you really need to find something that says more than, "They were wrong!  They were wrong!"

You need to find something that addresses the core beliefs of Americans on Iran.

That's how you sell that policy.

And I get that the Cult is lazy and stupid and just wants to play Mean Girl.

I get that.

But they better get that they're dooming the deal.

I've not sold the deal.  I don't intend to.

I've also not worked to oppose the deal.

I have opposed the failure to be willing to walk away from the table.

And I do oppose the failure of securing the release of the four Americans.

I will continue to oppose it.

And I hope that opposition lights a fire under Barack and he tasks someone with securing the release immediately.

Those who think they are selling a deal to the American people need to grasp that mockery is not going to work because the American people have been encouraged to not just be skeptical of the motivations of the Iranian government, they've been encouraged to be suspicious of these motivations.

That's why mocking those expressing concerns (real or fake) is a losing strategy.

It's past time that the Cult learned to do some actual work.

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  • [7/16/15 "**Iran**" corrected from Iraq.]