Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Are they deliberately obtuse

The above is no one's fault but his own.

He wouldn't be under fire if he hadn't tried to address the problem with a military solution.

He himself insisted publicly that the only answer to Iraq's myriad of crises was a political solution.

Two months later, he started a bombing campaign.

Not enough for him to utilize the Defense Dept to advance that, he let the military approach hijack the State Dept -- and appointed a retired general as an envoy -- a man who refused the title of Ambassador -- as if it were something to be ashamed of -- and insisted on being called "General."

Where was the political solution?

Since August 2014, his only response is bombing.

And the State Dept that could have been used as the primary team fostering reconciliation was instead used to enlist more countries in the bombings.

How did that address any of the problems that fractured Iraq?

How did it address the wrongfully imprisoned Sunnis?

Or have we forgotten that.

Haaretz appears to have.

In a ridiculous article, they whine about the Yazidis.

How awful! A terrorist group -- the Islamic State -- has raped Yazidi women!  

I'm missing their outrage when Sunni women in Iraqi prisons were raped by those serving in the Iraqi government.

Again, a terrorist group?

Does anyone expect ethics or decency from a terrorist group?

They kill.

They rape.

That's what makes them terrorists.

But a government targeting Sunnis is not worthy of comment?

Haaretz is one of Israel's leading papers.

Don't think that's not going noticed on Arabic media.

Don't think it's not feeding into hatred.

The Yazidis have gone on another vengeance spree.

But that didn't make it into Haaretz's article.

In fact, most outlets treat this as normal.

But when Sunnis are targeted by their own government for years and years, it's not seen as worthy of coverage.

And their detachment from a government that does not include them is seen as puzzling.

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