Wednesday, November 18, 2015

They're preaching war and destruction again

Kevin Drum insists "We Need To Re-Learn The Lessons of the Iraq War" which is hilarious coming from Iraq War cheerleader Kevin.  It's even more hilarious (and hypocritical) published by Mother Jones which has never told the truth about Iraq since Barack was sworn in.

The Islamic State's foothold in Iraq can be traced to the suppression of Nouri al-Maliki's second term.  (Suppression is also why they have standing in Syria as well but we focus on Iraq.)  And Nouri got a second term?

Not from the Iraqi voters.

From Barack Obama.

He had the State Dept negotiate The Erbil Agreement which allowed loser Nouri to have a second term after the voters risked every thing to send him packing.

Now if this were Haiti, maybe Mother Jones would express outrage.

Maybe not.

It probably depends upon who was sitting in the Oval Office.

But don't bleat about re-learning something when you've never been honest about the facts to begin with.

Bully Boy Bush is to blame for many things and he's a War Criminal.

But the Islamic State does not appear during his two terms occupying the White House.

So quit lying.

They can't.

On CNN this week, we had the always ready to wrap her legs around a war Christian Amanpour insisting on "an honest conversation"

She was speaking to Anderson Cooper on Monday, during CNN's endless Paris coverage, and insisting that Barack Obama's strategy or plan for addressing the Islamic State was a failure.

It is a failure.

How many moths have we been calling it Operation Inhernet Failure here?

Thanks for joining the conversation, Christiane, but I won't let you hijack it.

Barack's 'plan' has been non-stop bombings.  It is a military plan.

Despite the fact that he insisted two months before he started the bombings that the only answer was a political solution (June 19, 2014, he said it).

So Barack's 'plan' is a failure but it's a failure because he's spent about 16 months bombing and finding other countries to bomb Iraq.

He's failed tto address the issues in any way that have resulted in a political solution.

Now if the whores who see their poster boy Barack as more important than Iraqi life could have been honest, I wouldn't be alone in making this argument.

But the left or 'left' seems paralyzed when it comes to sticking up for any belief if it conflicts with their It Girl Barack.

 The military plan he's executed was always going to be a failure.

If, like the War Hawks, you've accepted the military plan of Barack's as the answer, then of course you will insist for more military action.

If the pathetic crew at The Progressive, to cite only one example, had joined us in pointing out that dropping bombs were doing nothing to reconcile the divisions in Iraq, then we, on the left, could own this conversation.

But, again, I've heard only silence from my side.

So now the public is being sold more war and still silence.

Oh, excuse me.

Mother Jones and other pathetic whores do make time today to write nonsense calling out . . . Bully Boy Bush.

We'll probably expand on this in the next snapshot to include newspaper columnists as well as an Iraqi idiot who is addicted to destruction and death.

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