Monday, November 16, 2015

The endless back-and-forth

Save us! Save us! So we can have our revenge!

Was that the cry of the Yazidis?

The non-Christian population has undergone a major transformation.

Image transformation.

As part of the effort to use them to sell more war to Americans, the right-wing public relations firm that took over their case in the fall of 2014 has insisted they no longer talk about the fallen angel of their religion because so many Christians would see that as Lucifer and see them as devil worshipers (as they are seen by Christians and Muslims in Iraq) -- at which point it would be mighty hard to get the evangelicals who supported Bully Boy Bush's march to war to goose step off to war behind the Yazidis.

But the image transformation has taken a beleaguered population -- beleaguered but far from innocent -- and turned them into doves of peace walking hand-in-hand with Jesus of Nazareth.

When image clashes with reality, you get a meltdown.

AFP reports that the Yazidis 'celebrated' their return to Sinjar by looting Sunni homes and setting them on fire.

AFP also reminds, "Rights group Amnesty International documented attacks by Yazidi militiamen against two Sunni Arab villages north of Sinjar in January, in which 21 people were killed and numerous houses burned."

The back-and-forth never ends in Iraq -- in non-inclusive Iraq.

A political solution might have addressed the simmering tensions that lead to the unrest but Barack Obama has only given lip service to a political solution while putting all of America's efforts into bombing and getting other countries on board for bombing Iraq.

That passed for a way to address the Islamic State -- passed as such for the very, very stupid.

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