Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Human rights abuses and Hillary delusions

Mustafa Saadoun (AL-MONITOR) reports on the continued denial by the Iraqi government of documented human rights abuses in Iraq:

In its annual report on the situation of human rights in the world in 2015, HRW wrote, “Iraqi security forces and pro-government militias committed possible war crimes during 2015 in their fight against the extremist group Islamic State … by unlawfully demolishing buildings in recaptured areas and forcibly disappearing residents.”
HRW added, “Mostly [Shiite] militias fighting [IS] with the support of the Iraqi government, such as the Badr Brigades, League of the Righteous, and Hezbollah Brigades, carried out widespread violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, in particular by demolishing homes and shops in recaptured Sunni areas.”
National Coalition member of parliament Ahmed al-Asadi, who is Shiite and the spokesman for the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units that is considered part of the Iraqi state, criticized the HRW report, which claimed that the Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilization Units committed war crimes.
Asadi said, “The information in the HRW report is erroneous and aims at tarnishing the victories of these factions and acts hypocritically by accusing the Popular Mobilization Units and avoiding speaking about IS violations.”


All this time later, we're still supposed to pretend like the Iraqi government (and its Popular Mobilization Forces) are not committing human rights abuses?

They are what led to the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq, please remember.

Also don't forget that journalist Ned Parker was targeted -- on Iraqi television -- for death after he and colleagues at REUTERS reported on some of the abuses taking place.

He had to leave Iraq for the safety of his colleagues and himself.

And Haider's response to that?

To giggle and mock Ned Parker.

Not to address the threats, not to address the human rights abuses, not even to issue an apology.

Just to giggle and mock.

Not that the White House did a damn thing.

Or the US State Dept.  (Again, "Well look who the State Dept woke up in bed with this time.")

They have repeatedly looked the other way.

Last week, FORBES published  Anders Corr, "U.S. Needs A Moral Compass Leading Out Of Syria And Iraq:"

The war in Syria and Iraq is no place for the U.S. We have no clear allies there, leading us to bargain with bad actors who besmirch our good name. In our single-minded fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), we look desperate and ineffective, because we are. Our tunnel vision targeting ISIS has made us blind to the dangers from our allies of convenience there, and the likelihood that they will turn on us in future.

The human rights abuses in Iraq will not be paved over by history.

They will be owned by Barack Obama who chose to ignore them under not one, but two prime ministers.  He let Nouri al-Maliki get away with them and that gave rise to the Islamic State.  Then, when even Barack tired of Nouri, Haider was pushed into the spot as the compliant replacement.

And instead of demanding that Haider address these abuses, the US government has supplied him with weapons, with training, with financial support.

And all the while, the Sunnis have remained persecuted.

Barack is on the wrong side of history.

He's also on the wrong side of a huge demographic bulge worldwide.

There will be no happy in the historical review of his two terms.

  • Iraqi army destroyed historical Sunni mosque (Saladin) in

  • Again, the US government backs the attacks on the Sunni population.

    And maybe the US government will continue to back these attacks if Hillary Clinton is able to steamroll her way to the presidency?

  • Excuse me?

    Electing Hillary's going to make a difference?

    I'm sorry, Hillary's Trash, where the hell were you when Ava and I were repeatedly advocating to the administration that sending a female ambassador to Iraq would make  a world of difference for Iraqi women?

    Oh, that's right, you don't support women.

    You're just a fan club horny over Hillary.

    You're just a tired of group of useless trash that will pull any argument out of your ass if you think it will get Hillary elected.

    And you're really xenophobic.

    The rest of the world has already seen world leaders who were women.

    Apparently, that doesn't matter in your xenophobic view because it was India or the United Kingdom or Brazil or the Philipines or . . .

    Get the picture?

    But those women don't matter to Hillary's Trash because those women weren't American and, most of all, weren't Hillary.

    Hillary is a War Hawk.

    The only 'angels' supporting Hillary are Angels of Death.

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