Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Well look who the State Dept woke up in bed with this time

When one thought -- or at least hoped -- the US State Dept couldn't get more disgusting, along comes John Kirby.

Yesterday, near the end of the State Dept daily press briefing, right before he made like a groupie squealing over the Rolling Stones (they'll be performing in Cuba!!!!!), the sad, sad John Kirby felt the need to defend the Shi'ite militias in Iraq.

He denied knowledge of reports that the US was putting pressure on Haider al-Abadi, prime minister of Iraq, to address the issue and rushed to brag on them.

At one point, he insisted, "This idea that every Shi'a militia -- or Popular Mobilization Force, that is another way they’re talked about -- is controlled by Tehran and is therefore nefarious in nature, is just false."

Dish, dish, girl!

He also wanted to boast that they were helping in the battle against the Islamic State.

He didn't want to talk reality -- what gal in love ever does?

He didn't want to talk about the years and years of human rights abuses and crimes that these militias have carried out.

He especially didn't want to talk about the League of Righteous who killed so many -- including five American troops -- and their leaders were in prison until President Barack Obama decided he did talk with terrorists and made a deal in the middle of 2009 to release them (in exchange for four British corpses and one living British hostage).

He didn't want to talk about how they terrorized the LGBT community in Iraq -- with Nouri al-Maliki's permission and approval -- and killed them by beating them with stones or bricks ("them" being anyone suspected of being gay) or by gluing their anuses shut.

He didn't want to talk about their war on women -- beating women who didn't think they needed to adopt a dress code foreign to Iraq, for example.

He didn't want to talk about how they terrorized, stalked and killed scientists and doctors because, to Shi'ite fundamentalist thugs, science is the devil.

He didn't want to talk about their genocide of Iraqi Christians.

Sometimes they attacked Christians for being 'infidels' because they were usually the ones in Iraq who sold alcohol.

These are War Criminals and they were outlawed for a reason.

But today to John Kirby?

They're just kissy-faced brutes who give him the tingles.

This is who the State Dept is now not just tolerating but embracing.

John Kirby already looked ridiculous -- the joke around DC is "Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline."  A reference to what appears to be a fussed over look that combines more make up than Dana Perino and Victoria Nuland combined wore when they were spokespersons for the State Dept.

Now he sounds ridiculous too.

Don't expect the press to call him out.

Remember, it's a bunch of kiss asses covering State.  There's Elise Labott of CNN, exposed for letting State dictate copy and Tweets, there's Matthew Lee of the ASSOCIATED PRESS whose fawning e-mails to various State officials border on soft porn, there's . . .

Point being, John Kirby, they'll carry your clutch bag for you -- at least until the day you're no longer useful and no longer in a position they can benefit from.

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