Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Your Super Tuesday super duper chance to vote for a War Hawk

Super Tuesday provides many with the opportunity to vote for a War Hawk and a stooge -- yes, Cranky Clinton is on the ballot.

  • Hillary says she learned from Iraq. Then she again pushed for regime change in Libya, bragging of its success before the smoke had cleared.

  • Want even more wars?

    Hillary can deliver.

    War is profitable for big business.

    Ask the chair of Hillary's election campaign, John Podesta, exactly how many millions his family's made off the Iraq War.

    Those who'd like an alternative in the Democratic Party primary do have one.

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    As a veteran of the Iraq War, Rep. understands the cost of war. I am honored to have her endorsement.

    But some people will hold their nose and vote for the War Hawk Hillary.

    Ethics are in short supply today.

    Meanwhile, in Iraq, the people continue to suffer.

    That includes in northern Iraq which faces continuous bombings from Turkish war planes.  Despite objections from the Iraqi government, the US government has elected to support the bombings carried out by the Turkish government.

    ALSUMARIA reports that today those bombings are targeting religious shrines in Dohuk Province.  The shrine of Sheik Ali al-Islam was one destroyed in today's bombings and it was over a thousand years old.

    On the topic of bombings, Sunday and Monday saw the Islamic State carry out massive bombings which resulted in the deaths of well over one hundred people.  Now ALSUMARIA reports Speaker of Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri is calling for a hearing into the failures of the security system.  ALL IRAQ NEWS adds he's calling for the security leaders to testify before the Parliament.

    As this takes place, NINA notes, cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr is calling for a Friday protest in front of the gates of the Green Zone.

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