Monday, June 20, 2016

Iraq: Stamps, 'victory' and War Crimes

Iraq introduces postal stamps for two architectural giants: Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) and Mohamed Makiya (1914-2015)

Of the above, AL BAWABA notes:

The Iraqi postal service has issued new postage stamps honoring two of the country's beloved architects: Zaha Hadid, who died in March, and Mohamed Makiya, who died last year at the age of 101.
Hadid and Makiya both changed the perception of architecture in the Arab world and introduced some of the aesthetics of Arabic-inspired architecture in projects around the world.

Iraqi Sunni Detainees tortured & killed by Shia Militias in Amerli prison Oh My God

On the latest reported War Crimes above, Ibrahim Salih (ANADOLU AGENCY) reports:

An Iraqi tribal leader has accused a pro-government Shia militia of killing 50 Sunni prisoners in northern Iraq.
“Around 50 Sunni prisoners were executed by the Hashd al-Shaabi militia inside the Amerli prison” in Saladin province, Thaer al-Bayati told Anadolu Agency Sunday. 

For those visitors who spent the weekend e-mailing to complain at the public account that the Saturday snapshot just didn't give the credit for victory you thought it should have (I termed it a hollow victory without a political solution), please avoid Jonathan Beale's BBC NEWS report:

We heard Sunni civilians fleeing the fighting bitterly complain their homes had been targeted by Shia militia helping the Iraqi security forces surround the city.
There is evidence too that men of fighting age have been abused and tortured by some of those same Shia militia.
Aware of the danger of a widening sectarian gulf in taking the city, the US-led coalition has consistently warned the Iraqi government it will withdraw its military support if those Shia forces enter the city itself.
The fighting has already left much of Falluja in ruins and tens of thousands of its citizens displaced.
If the Iraqi government wants to return order, it will have to show quickly it is making efforts to rebuild.
Without homes, hospitals and schools, there will be plenty of lingering resentment.
Any so-called "victory" will be hollow without a dividend for peace.

KUNA reports a suicide bomber attacked an Iraqi military camp in al-Taji killing 3 Iraqi soldiers and wounding eleven more.

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