Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Iraq topics for consideration or not

Anticipating e-mails and attempting to cut them off to save all who so kindly work the public e-mail, we're not going to note the child refugee camp via drone.


We had e-mails about how we were missing the Iraq cemetery -- the largest in the world!

We didn't miss it.

Some drones are weaponized.

There's an attempt to treat them as normal.

I will not do that.


Find it on Google Maps via satellite and maybe we'll talk.

Otherwise, not interested in promoting those 'groovy' drones.

Eli Lake (BLOOMBERG NEWS) we will note:

On the eve of a major donor's conference in Washington, Iraq's foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, would like Americans to know a few things about his country. 
First, Iraqis are not a sectarian people: "Coexistence is a culture that lives in Iraq." Second, Iraqis of all backgrounds suffered equally under Saddam Hussein. (Never mind what those Kurds over there might tell you.) And finally, there are no Americans fighting the Islamic State today on Iraqi soil. 
If you believe this, then al-Jaafari would like to get in touch later to discuss a few bridges he is putting on the market. For the rest of you, though, al-Jaafari's remarks illustrate how many Iraqi elites sound delusional when speaking to foreign audiences.

And we will note that if you ask female politicians in Iraq (especially Kurds), they will tell you that al-Jaafari schemes and plots against women and tries to turn Iraq back a thousand or more years.

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