Friday, July 22, 2016

The political landscape

Hillary and her dumb (and often paid by the campaign) online supporters, ay-yi-yi.

They do love to Tweet and comment everywhere, don't they?

Mike Pence did this during the Iraq War.

Mike Pence did that during the Iraq War.

On and on, like mindless children on a sugar high they go.

Someone forgot to tip them off that the world is watching.

Which means they really should find a new topic.

Throughout the battle with Bernie Sanders, they insisted Hillary's Iraq War vote (it was far more than a vote) did not matter.

So why are they still harping on Iraq.

If it didn't matter, move on to a new topic.

Their failure to do so says to the undecided Iraq must really matter since everyone's talking about it.

Hillary's online crew isn't very smart.

But then again, if they were, they probably wouldn't be supporting her, now would they?

Mike Pence is Donald Trump's running mate (GOP).

Hillary's supposed to announce her running mate today.

The media's conventional notions (let's not call it "wisdom") is that she'll go with Tim Kaine.

(This would be the Democratic ticket.)

Whomever she goes with, this is about as much suspense as anything she's done in two years has offered so look for the announcement to be followed by the usual yawn inducing actions she's so infamous for.

Did not catch the GOP convention, don't plan to be at the Dems.

ANTIWAR.COM's Justin Raimondo Tweets:
  1. Trump: "We must abandon the failed policy of regime change that HillaryClinton pushed in Iraq, Libya, Egypt & Syria"

Remember the landscape includes more than just those two tickets.  Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are two who are polling well on the third party side.

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