Friday, August 19, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

  • Are you following the campaign on for behind the scenes photos? You should! Here:
  • It's astounding, yet unsurprising, that while the Democrats claim to hate Citizens United they nominated someone so indebted to Wall Street.
  • New leak exposes how "liberal" Democrat operatives coordinate to spread anti-Green smears - that they know are false
  • Green Party Candidate for President, Dr. Jill Stein, joins me on . Tune in Sunday at 8am ET via MSNBC
  • Getting ready at 30 Rock in NYC for my interview with !
  • After the 2 hottest years on record, amidst floods & heat waves, media attacks me for discussing climate scientists' worst-case scenarios. 🤔
  • Time to ban toxic pesticides that are wiping out bees & threatening our food supply.
  • I hope will join the call for = all candidates on enough ballots to win.
  • "Jill Stein Should Be Part of a 4-Way Presidential Debate." on the need for a broader, bolder discourse.
  • How damning is new study showing pesticides killing bees? It almost made Slate take back calling me "anti-science".
  • I am happy to come on the Daily Show to help them educate America that there are more than 2 candidates
  • With all the Louisiana flooding, one would think Obama would cancel the fossil fuel auction planned for next Wednesday in New Orleans
  • A corporate sponsored government will operate like any giant private corporation - putting profit above people, planet and peace. Enough.
  • UNICEF says children are the main victims of war. Many of those who survive will suffer mental stress that will last a lifetime.
  • . candidate says she's "absolutely" ready to be arrested if not allowed to debate
  • Our heart goes out to the victims of Louisiana flooding - and of extreme weather everywhere. We need action now on .
  • Thanks to for shout out about our support for 100% renewable energy and abolishing student debt.