Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Socialist Equality Party Tweets

Jerry White is the presidential candidate for the Socialist Equality Party:

  1. Illinois community college drops racially segregated courses after public criticism -
  2. Stop the police killings! Unite workers and youth of every race and nationality! -
  3. Wall Street celebrates mass layoffs by ’s

  4. Warnings from Australian political establishment about -
  5. speech in : Tax cuts for the wealthy combined with nationalist demagogy
  6. The provocation in and the threat of world

  7. Tax return places in the top 0.02 percent of Americans
  8. Tax return places Clintons in the top 0.02 percent of Americans - #HilNo#SEP2016
  9. Niles Niemuth VP candidate: The 's whitewash of violence in -
  10. ? Looking for a candidate? White and Niemuth are on the Socialist Equality Party ticket

  11. WikiLeaks offers $20,000 reward over murder of staffer linked to email leak -
  12. “Socialist Convergence” meets to prepare a new trap for the working class -
  13. The slump in US : Another symptom of capitalist crisis - World Socialist Web Site
  14. Emails shed further light on ’s corruption as secretary of state