Sunday, October 23, 2016


The Iraq War continues and so does the offensive in Mosul.

How's that last part going?

Federal Police Commander Al-Motoori: US coalition provides 'absolutely No air support' to us. Talk of any support to us is a lie!

Talk of any support to us is a lie!!!!!

That's just wonderful coming from those the White House has again trained.

And another wrinkle?  THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, continues to insist that he and his country's military be involved in the battle for Mosul -- this despite universal insistence from the Baghdad-based central government of Iraq that Turkish forces leave Iraq.  XINHUA offers, "The reason Turkey insists on participating in the battle to free the Iraqi city Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) militants, in addition to Turkish president's declared nostalgia for the Ottoman dominion, is that the country has security concerns about the terror threats and mass migration it may face, local experts say."

In other news . . .

  1. You would think parliament has more important things to do than to ban sale, import and production of alcohol

You would think so but this is another means to persecute a minority -- in this case, Iraqi Christians.

Last week, a US service member died in the Iraq War.

says Navy EOD specialist killed in team was attached to SEALs and killed as he was directing team away from an IED 1/2

2/2 Navy Chief Perry Officer Finan was in another vehicle which hit another IED as he warned others, Lt Gen Townsend said in presser wSecDef

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter as again visited Iraq.

  1. Carter meets with KRG President to discuss current Mosul operations and next steps in counter campaign
  2. greeted in Erbil, Iraq by PM Nechervan Barzani and KRG Honor guard. Will meet with President + talk with US troops
  1. A chance encounter: in Iraq runs into homebound . He spoke to same group at before deploying to
  2. Carter tells reporters: it will be difficult, but will be recaptured. We now must plan for restabilization after

US President Barack Obama has visited how many times since becoming president?

Since being voted into the White House on his lie that he'd end the Iraq War?

How many times?

One time.

April 7, 2009.

That's it.

Two terms as president and that's it.

What about Hillary Clinton's four years as Secretary of State?


April 25, 2009.

Now after that, she was in Turkey repeatedly.

Turkey borders Iraq -- it shares a border with northern Iraq.

But Iraq was never important enough to her to ever visit again.

Grasp that.

Is she, like Barack, afraid she'll get a shoe thrown at her?


A shoe or a house.

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