Sunday, October 23, 2016

Malcolm X's remarks about politics rings true today

Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket:

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    Support campaigns for local Greens. Discover who's running in your district:
  2. Malcolm X's remark about politics rings true today. …/wikileaks-reveals-dnc-elevated-trump-…
  3. Our empire is dying. Let’s close down several hundred military bases designed to protect our oil supplies. RT if you agree.
  4. I sat down with ​ to talk about the possibility of nuclear war, our border with Mexico and more.
  5. Are you a college student looking to organize for the ? Visit 's campus organizing page here:
  6. What would our history look like if another challenger to the two-party system, Abraham Lincoln, had been locked out of debates?
  7. When Bahrainis rose up against tyranny, the US sent arms - to crush them. Any rational person can see US interventions are not humanitarian.
  8. "Let me first deal with the conspiracy theory that this is somehow to do with oil." -Tony Blair on Iraq invasion, 2003
  9. Despite their complaints about splitting the vote, Ds & Rs have resisted & other reforms that would expand voter choice.
  10. The first-past-the-post election system allows both establishment parties to scare voters into line: Vote for the lesser evil, or else!
  11. I'll use this opportunity to remind everyone (again) that your vote for is not a wasted vote
  12. Aside from media, the political establishment's strongest line of defense is the presidential debates controlled by Dem & GOP party elites.
  13. Only the Green ticket is calling for 💵Living Wages 🏥Medicare for All ☀️100% Renewables by 2030 ⚖️Ending Mass Incarceration ✅
  14. The best way to get ASAP is to vote Green & organize w/ others in your community & state to upgrade your voting system.
  15. Hey Houston! to speak at TSU School of Law on Sat, 10/29 3pm - more info:
  16. We could break free from this 2-party trap with a simple reform called .
  17. Americans feel the establishment isn't addressing issues we care about. So why do debates & media shut out competing visions of our future?
  18. There's no way to repair without provoking Big Insurance opposition or hurting consumers even more. Only solution:
  19. . On Why Third Parties Are Not A Wasted Vote
    Jill Stein On Why Third Parties Are Not A Wasted Vote
    Jill Stein wants you to know that a vote for her is not wasted.
  20. Despite Greens being on the ballot for 98% of voters, mainstream media has given us less than 1% of coverage they've given Trump & Clinton.
  21. . recognizes that the US cannot continue to casually talk about bombing Muslim countries & expect it won't come back to bite us.
  22. Greens don't take corporate money, & so are free to speak out for fair, common-sense solutions that establishment politicians won't touch.
  23. People are disgusted with a political establishment unable to tackle the dead-end economy, endless expanding wars, & growing climate crisis.
  24. Americans are fed up & they should be. The megarich are destroying our economy, sending our jobs overseas & making our planet uninhabitable.
  25. Meet more Green candidates like Joshua :
  26. Here's how Americans can break the blackout on competition in our political system:
  27. her private position is her public position. Peace, people, planet. ☮✌🌍💖
  28. Coincidentally, there may never be an election where it's so dangerous to vote for either establishment party.