Saturday, October 29, 2016

Obamacare is failing exactly as many progressives predicted

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

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  • Reduce chronic disease w/: 🍎 local organic food systems ☀️ renewable energy ☠️ toxic chemical phaseout 🚲 active transport & public transit
  • We can eliminate health disparities & ensure easy healthcare access in low-income areas & communities of color w/ community health centers.
  • Obamacare is failing exactly as many progressives predicted. We need to provide quality affordable care for everyone.
  • includes access to all health care services, including mental health, dental, vision, prescription drugs & rehabilitation.
  • means coverage of all medically necessary care without cruel and arbitrary restrictions set by profiteering CEOs.
  • offers what we actually need: comprehensive cradle-to-grave health coverage with free choice of provider and hospital.
  • . vs. Gary Johnson! Watch Monday 10/31! Retweet if you’ll be watching!
  • 58% of Americans support replacing the ACA with a federally-funded healthcare program - like .
  • An army of over 3000 registered lobbyists spent a staggering $1.2 million per day in the run-up to Obamacare's passage.
  • LIVE VIDEO: I'm livestreaming with right now on .
  • Like Romneycare that preceded it in Massachusetts, Obamacare was designed to enrich the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Skyrocketing copayments & deductibles discourage people from using insurance even when they have it. People need health care, not insurance.
  • ACA is a bandaid. Fewer than half of US uninsured have gained coverage & tens of millions will be shut out even after full implementation.
  • Each year an estimated 26,000 people die from lack of health insurance. That’s 3 people per hour.
  • It's outrageous that the world’s richest country doesn't provide healthcare as a right, like virtually all other developed nations.
  • It's just sad when comedians use their platform to oppress people.
  • If you know anyone who's gone bankrupt because they got sick, you know the US healthcare system is indefensible. We need .
  • Why did the Democrats take off the table in 2009? Because it would solve the problem without enriching Wall Street.
  • is a scam. Read how scams are committed:
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  • "When it comes to Jill Stein, they protest too much. Keep your bright eyes right there."
  • Meet more Green Party downballot candidates like , who is running for Congress in Maryland:
  • RT PunditChris: .DrJillStein is NOT A wasted vote: pave the way for GreenPartyUS & Democracy.
  • We cannot afford to wage endless war or suppress political choice. to break the two party trap. ✅
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  • she is the only positive choice for our children's future
  • was not designed to—and does not—provide healthcare to anyone.
  • Military spending is 20X greater than the budget for energy + environment. But the Pentagon says climate change is a dire security threat.
  • Our representatives in Congress have been threatened with criminal prosecution if they tell us, the public, what the TPP says.
  • TPP will not only kill jobs, but roll back protections for workers, health and safety, the environment, consumers, and the economy.
  • No one really knows where the Clinton Foundation ends and the Clintons' business activities begin: