Sunday, October 16, 2016


Barack Obama's special envoy Brett McGurk Tweeted the following:

Tonight, PM Abadi issued orders to initiate major operations to liberate after two years of darkness under terrorists.

Oh, that sounds so amazing . . . except for the two years part.

  1. Mosul Liberation Begins! Iraq PM Abadi gives orders to commence operations in Mosul
  2. : (i) President Abadi declares the beginning of the offensive on , the last remaining stronghold in the country

When the US-installed Haider al-Abadi as prime minister in the fall of 2014, do you think the world realized that it would be over two years before Haider would move to liberate Mosul?

That he'd be so useless and so unorganized that he would leave the people of Mosul at the hands of the Islamic State for over two years?

Or that when he finally initiated some move, spinners like Brett would try to praise it as an accomplishment.

It's a failure.

Waiting over two years to try to liberate Mosul qualifies as a failure.

  • OP has definitely started, footage just released.
  • : Another footage from the same spot as my last tweet.

  • For additional context . . .

    This is 3rd time in 13 years US & allies trying to "liberate" Mosul 2003: from Saddam 2004: from Sunni insurgents 2016: from ISIS

    As the Mosul operation finally begins, the US government continues to insist that the Russian government is trying to rig the outcome of the US presidential election.  However, Peter Van Buren (ANTIWAR.COM) points out that the evidence seems to suggest it's the current US administration that's attempting to rig the election:

  • Clinton sent and received classified material on an unsecured, classified server. That violated the most basic rule of information security. She lied about it. She deleted emails and “lost” both the majority of her devices and many, many emails. The FBI and the Department of Justice, ahead of the Democratic nominating convention, found she violated no law. The Department of Justice granted broad immunity to key Clinton staffers, and allowed two of them to destroy their devices. No further investigation will thus be possible.

  • The State Department aided and abetted Clinton for over four years in hiding her private server, and avoiding her responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Records Act. Only under court order has the Department stopped slow-walking its “review” process to release emails publicly. There has been no investigation.

  • Emails released show a tangle of interests among State Department decisions, the Clinton Foundation and access to Hillary as Secretary of State (“pay for play”). Clinton sought Pentagon and State Department contracts for Chelsea’s friend. There has been no investigation.

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