Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Not a snapshot

Here come the priests, each one wailing and bemoaning
Lordy, they got their heads bowed down
Here come the madmen, they're too excited for atoning:
"Burn the mosque," they're shouting, "Burn it down!"
Save me a place, surrounded with friendly faces
All of us have gathered here to share the end
To watch the world go up in flames
-- "Share The End," written by Carly Simon and Jacob Brackman, first appears on her ANTICIPATION album

And here come the giddy . . .

  1. Next this Tues AM summer like temps for much of the US..& is on the front lines in for more on the fight against ISIS
  2. Follow our journalists in northern Iraq for updates on :

Why is it left to only a correspondent for the UK's CHANNEL 4 to point out the obvious:

  1. So - Mosul is Iraq deja-vu: everyone has a battle plan. Nobody has a peace plan.

There is no plan for peace.

There is no plan for the aftermath.

Will Robin Roberts and the other Happy Talkers care beyond the initial battle?

Of course not.

They didn't care what happened in Ramadi, they didn't care about Falluja.

But when they can pimp propaganda, they put their combat boots on and start marching, marching.

POLITICO long ago reported that Mosul was going to be the October Surprise -- US President Barack Obama would use the battle for Mosul to attempt to give Hillary Clinton that last push she forever needs to win the election.

And for that, it had to start after the middle of October.

If it started too soon, say in September, October reporting -- the rare reporting -- would have been about what a mess the whole thing was.

Instead, the Robin Roberts can smile and talk about how troops advanced to X and then to Y and then to . . .

And no one has to be concerned with the destruction in the wake because it won't be reported on happy talk shows which only deal with real issues when one of the hosts has cancer.

Real issues only matter when it effects the hosts of the programs.

And they are hosts -- not news anchors.

These are not news programs.

They are talk shows.

And they've shown damn little interest in Iraq so excuse for us noting that their sudden curiosity feels suspect.

BLOOMBERG NEWS and CNN are news outlets.

  1. The battle for Mosul, Iraq could displace 1 million people
  2. Iraq’s Mosul offensive could be the most complex humanitarian situation in 2016, UN says

Hopefully, they will offer real coverage and not rah-rah.


Dexter Filkins.

Filkins has supposedly written some good pieces as of late.

We haven't highlighted them.

My problems with Dexter Filkins 'reporting' for THE NEW YORK TIMES are well established -- check the archives.

That said, I am not avoiding him and we've highlighted him in the last two years.

What's hurting Dexter today is his outlet.

See, I'm not, how does the tart Sarah Jessica Parker put it, a Jew who needs to protect the integrity of other Jews?

I forget the exact wording because I don't generally take hacks seriously -- even when they remove their chin wart (long after it's disgusted film audiences).

At any rate, Sarah feels she's the great Jewish defender and that's why she's tight with David.

I loathe David.  And I loathe what he's done to THE NEW YORKER.

The airheads like Sarah will defend him -- airheads and Zionists.

I'm neither so I avoid THE NEW YORKER.

If you see a piece by Filkins you think is worth highlighting, e-mail it -- or just a paragraph.  I'll try to highlight it and link to it.

But after that recent utterance from Sarah -- at a party we both attended -- I am especially soured on her good friend David and avoiding THE NEW YORKER.

And, yes, she is a tart -- and not a fresh one -- a baker should have dropped her in the trash long ago.

This started out as a snapshot but I got pulled back to THIRD because Ava and my TV piece wasn't "strong enough."  That we wrote on Sunday.  Two days after feedback?

We've reworked it and it will go up whenever things get posted.  But I had to stop in the middle of this and I'm not going to try to pass this off as a snapshot.  I'll do one later today -- possibly tonight although I do have one hour (for lunch) free from speaking today.

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