Tuesday, November 01, 2016

If the Clinton machine weren't above the law Super PAC Correct the Record would be investigated now

Jill Stein is the presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket.

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    Your for the Green Party can unleash $10 million in federal matching funds. Build a party for the 99 percent.
  • If the Clinton machine weren't above the law Super PAC Correct the Record would be investigated now.
  • Stripped, marked and jailed in dog kennels—what a terrifying way to treat people.
  • Clinton increased arms sales to dictators like the Saudis after they gave big to Clinton Foundation.
  • Meet more Green Party candidates like Angel Torres, who's running for a State Senate seat in Arizona:
  • Trump claims he opposed the Clintons - while he was funding their campaigns and their foundation.
  • Washington D.C.: Just 2.5 percent of the vote keeps the Green Party on the ballot until 2018. Pledge your vote:
  • The water protectors only bring their hearts to this battle.
  • Trump pretends not to believe in climate change, but he's buying a wall to protect his Ireland golf course from rising seas.
  • : When communities don't have money to run their own water systems, they are vulnerable to schemes.
  • Are you ready for a better BMoreForAll? Join the Mayor Team and help us make it happen. Sign uo
  • Bill Clinton signed into law the draconian 1994 crime bill that provided $9.7B to build prisons.
  • For the record, this is me interviewing the best Presidential candidate male or female!
  • Google's chair asked HRC to hire "low paid" campaign workers. Greedy Neoliberals don't need the encouragement, Eric.
  • Attend this first-ever debate featuring all four 2016 vice presidential candidates in North Carolina. RSVP:
  • when you see the founder of the world's largest search engine colluding with a presidential candidate.
  • 5% of popular vote means $10 mil in fed funding for 2020. That could be a game changer.
  • We're already at 5 percent in a poll!
  • One standard for the Clintons. Another for the 99 percent. How about a on Nov. 8?
  • Is Google predicting a November surprise? Tweet to let us know why you're voting Green!
  • NAFTA and TPP allow multinational corporations to sue our government in global tribunals to challenge any laws they don't like.
  • she cares about people. Not about corporate money. And not about power.
  • "Fear of Donald Trump is not enough for me to support Clinton, with her record of corruption." - ✅
  • Legal status for immigrants will prevent employers from paying sub-minimum wages to create unfair competition between workers.
  • No vote is wasted! Change your profile pic to encourage others to invest their vote in the Green Party:
  • Meet more Green Party downballot candidates like , who's running for Texas Railroad Commissioner:
  • My interview w/ pres candidate about urgent need to end Empire & start a "Green New Deal"
  • NAFTA destroyed 1 million US jobs, boosted income inequality, & dealt a heavy blow to unions and workers' rights.
  • I've seen some of our followers are worried this election might be "rigged." Read how to ensure your vote counts:
  • Since Hillary Clinton backed a military coup in 2009 Honduras has been plagued by killings of progressive leaders.
  • The best way to solve the immigration crisis is to stop causing it with disastrous trade & military policies that turn people into refugees.