Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Green Party is no longer the alternative. The Green Party is the imperative

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate:

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    Your for the Green Party can unleash $10 million in federal matching funds. Build a party for the 99 percent.
  2. Your vote is an investment in the effort to transform this corrupt & decayed system into one that puts people, planet & peace over profit.
  3. This is why the partisan locked out & me: because we would've embarrassed Clinton/Trump.
  4. "I don't believe in voting for the lesser of two evils. I vote my conscience, not for what I am afraid of" -
  5. "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right." -- Rosa Parks
  6. 57% of US want more parties. 5% makes a new major party. Cast a smart to get us to 5% & !
  7. I can confirm that I have friends in the media who frowned upon us for having a town hall with .
  8. The Green Party is no longer the alternative. The Green Party is the imperative. -Rosa Clemente
  9. . was going to have me on, then suddenly stopped taking our calls. Seems their bosses told them no airtime for Greens.
  10. We must find and elect alternatives to the Wall Street-backed oligarchy, the warmongers, and the anti-humanitarians.
  11. Hear why Niko House, another , has endorsed me in his own words:
  12. We need leadership that's unapologetically willing... to stand for the people no matter what the status quo or the norm is. -
  13. Meet more downballot candidates like :
  14. A leaked email reveals the real reasons Clinton destroyed Libya: gold and oil.
  15. "We bailed out the crooks on Wall Street. Isn't it time we bailed out their victims?"
  16. Maine will vote on , a reform to end the "spoiler effect" and reduce negative campaigning.
  17. It's not a "Protest Vote." It's a vote
  18. It's time to overthrow the corrupt two party "system" and replace it with multi-party Democracy!
  19. People are really hungry for a different kind of politics. They know our society is sick and they want medicine.
  20. The : 👷🏾 Jobs for all who need work ☀️ 100% clean energy 🌎 halt climate change ✌🏼 wars for oil obsolete
  21. Are you one of 57% of US who think Dems vs. GOP is obsolete? Cast a to build .
  22. Stay tuned into for a special livestream series with people who have endorsed me!
  23. For the establishment, our campaign is an inconvenient truth: people are demanding a politics of integrity.
  24. met with bankers days before unveiling her plan to end Social Security as we know it?
  25. is the height of corrupt cronyism in media. Partisan has lied repeatedly about our campaign & refused to run corrections.
  26. Maryland, Michigan and Wisconsin: Just 1 percent of the vote keeps the Green Party on the ballot.
  27. A simple reform could end "lesser evil" voting. Try with the 2016 presidential candidates:
  28. Meet more downballot candidates like :
  29. Chelsea Manning blew the whistle on war crimes & has been tortured in prison. Tell to !
  30. There is a ticket that stands up for the 99 percent. Find out more:
  31. took $1M from Qatar and didn’t tell the state department?
  32. As someone who cannot vote in the US Election(Canadian citizen),just wanted to wish all the best! I truly hope you get your 5%.

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