Sunday, January 01, 2017

10 hottest hotties of 2016 (rebecca)

rebecca: reposting here my annual look at the hottest men of the past year.

10 hottest hotties of 2016

here they are, the 10 hottest hotties of 2016

1) tom hardy

Tom Hardy's upcoming collaboration with Ridley Scott looks absolutely insane

next month, the british actor's 'taboo' series premiers on fx.

  1. Tom Hardy Raised Money For Battersea Dogs Home And Now We Love Him Even More As if we couldn’t love Tom Hardy

how can you not love a guy who loves dogs.

Tom Hardy, saisissant de réalisme dans son imitation de Robert De Niro

or can do impressions?  too bad bobby deniro never had a sexy period.

2) jesse williams.

1) Study. 2) Acceptance. 3) Speech.

  1. Jesse Williams getting on stage and schooling all of us with his acceptance speech for the humanitarian award in June at the BET awards

in a perfect world, 'grey's anatomy' would have long ago dumped the hideous 'meredith grey' and the tired ass ellen pompeo who plays her to make jesse's jackson avery the main character.

3) eric decker

jessie james and eric decker are goals 😍

formerly with the denver broncos, now with the new york jets - and, of course, married to country musician jessie james.

4) keanu reeves

  1. Good morning fans and !

5) fabio fognini

2015 U.S. Open champion , pregnant with first child |

italy's hottest tennis player.  doubt that claim?

. poses naked for to raise awareness of male . More:

as i was saying, italy's sexiest tennis player.

6) kanye west.

Kanye West giving Dave Chappelle the Yeezys off his feet.


he's an artist.  it's sad if he hurts himself but at least he's not some guy beating up on rihanna.

kanye's passionate - that's always sexy.

7) jake gyllenhaal.

  1. Picture perfect 💦
  2. So gorgeous! 💙

 he's still sexy.  i can't think of a movie he's done lately that i've just had to see but he's still sexy.  in the end, it may turn out that his sexiest film will always be 'brokeback mountain' - and (stuart smiley voice) that's ok.

8) ben cohen.

10 Sexy Shirtless GIFS of Ben Cohen for Attitude Magazine

ben cohen remains a sex god.  he just gets hotter.

9) nick jonas

RT If you love shirtless and half naked ! 😉😍🙌

and here's him below performing 1 of my favorite songs.

  1. It doesn’t get much more honest than this. Watch me perform “Chainsaw” live on .

10) rafael marquez.

El de siempre, el hombre con carácter, el líder... simplemente EL CAPITÁN! 🤘 Aplausos para el eterno !! 👏👏

at age 37, he's in the 20th year of his adult career (and back on mexico's atlas team).

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'


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