Saturday, January 07, 2017

The suffering never ends for the Iraqi people

As if Iraq hasn't suffered enough . . .

Remembering the Costs of the Iraq War in the Age of Trump via

Yes, the Peace Resister's back.

Back to pretending she cares about Iraq.

She hasn't written anything beyond a Tweet.  She's just linking to the same awful Phyllis Bennis column that Elaine's already rightly ripped apart in "Enter the bulls**t b**ch."

That's all Katty van van can handle, a Tweet on Iraq.

And it's not even on Iraq, is it?

It's trying to use Donald Trump.

Katty van van stayed silent for two terms with Barack but now, before Donald Trump's even sworn in, it's all the sudden interest in Iraq -- in "The Age of Trump."

Whoring from Katty throughout Barack's two terms.

But now interest.

Maybe it's just interest now because she realizes, at her age, with that fallen facial skin, even the nose job she should have had decades ago would not help her looks?

I don't know.

But she's developed a new interest in Iraq.

It's a shame took 8 years off.

It's a shame while Sunnis were being persecuted, falsely imprisoned, disappeard, raped, you name it, it's a shame she couldn't -- excuse me, wouldn't -- do a damn thing.

But maybe the greater shame is that she wants to be interested now?

BBCWorld: Iraq car bomb kills 11 in Baghdad

The Iraqi people suffer enough without being used as propaganda by Katty van van.

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