Monday, January 02, 2017

The center-left talking about Russia increasingly sounds like the right did talk about jihadism post-9/11

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    Good news! launched a new "membership program" today, and I've now got one. Sign up! Fund journalism! Thanks
  • I'd thought recently about trying to interview Derek Parfit, and then sort of forgot about it. Let that be a lesson. RIP.
  • Terrible loss. A brilliant philosopher who had much work left to do.
  • I don't agree w/ the casual assertion of "Russian interference" as fact, nor was Comey especially "melodramatic," but: take what you can get
  • It also doesn't write off "the emails" as a non-story or woefully mischaracterize Comey. No excessive Putin shrieking, either. So refreshing
  • This is a great item because it succinctly reviews how the Clintons themselves are responsible for their failure
  • America needs 1000 more opeds like this by telling the Clintons to go away forever
  • The center-left talking about Russia increasingly sounds like the right did talking about jihadism post-9/11:
  • Hopefully / will put forward a guide delineating who exactly it's permissible to speak to
  • So true. If we care about , we should also care about developing some of these currently-criminalized remedies.
  • In certain quarters, acknowledging Trump's comic efficacy is taken as tantamount to endorsing Trump. This is going to be a constant problem.
  • Trump, Comedian-In-Chief
  • 2007: lush, treasured waterfront "getaway" complete with tennis courts 2016-2017: "spy base in Maryland," "Russian intelligence compound"
  • The alleged scary Russian "spy base" in Maryland was treated to a glowing profile in Washington Life mag in 2007
  • The details of his confinement are barbaric. And he was forgiven by the victim, who advocated for his release.
  • What's evil is for the Government to impose life imprisonment on a person because of a bad mistake they made at 13 years old.
  • Sentenced to die in prison at 13 years old by the state of Florida. Completely evil.
  • There are so many people suffering needlessly from depression who would benefit enormously from this. Depriving them is just atrocious.
  • Psilocybin is a miracle drug -- the data is overwhelming -- and the fact that it's still criminalized is a disgrace
  • Here's your anti-Trump "resistance," everybody. Many prominent liberals feel the same way, but are too cowardly to say so publicly.
  • When you're not owned
  • NBC News continues to conflate "hacking the election" with "phishing John Podesta's gmail account" -- insanity
  • This is horrible and she's correct that it's "normal" now. We need to develop a new set of ethics for handling these situations
  • Vetoing important legislation late at night on New Year's Eve: classy stuff as usual from Emperor Cuomo II