Saturday, February 25, 2017

So...the George Soros stooge (Tom Perez) (Sarah Abdallah)

Some Sarah Abdallah Tweets:

  • So...the George Soros stooge (Tom Perez) gets chosen for over the Alex Soros stooge (Keith Ellison). The Dems in a nutshell y'all.
  • One more nail in the coffin of the CNN-NYT-led corporate mainstream media monopoly which grows less and less relevant by the minute.
  • From the liberated Assyrian city of Qaraqosh, Iraqi Christians restore the cross atop their church after ISIS was driven out of their land.
  • But you, the man who sold out his supporters to back Hillary, the candidate adored by neocons, bankers & GCC tyrants, do? Yeah, okay Bernie.
  • If you think corporate MSM outlets like CNN, ABC & NYT represent "freedom of the press", I have a "secular revolution" to sell you in Syria.
  • Dems defend corporate MSM outlets like they're heroes as if these organizations didn't help launch wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & Syria.
  • So liberals lose it over Trump blocking MSM for one press briefing, but were cool with that same MSM defending Hillary's war crimes? Gotcha.
  • Number one: Obama ain't French. Number two: Why would you want a man who dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 countries in 2016 alone to be your prez?
  • In Pictures: 's military police deployed in Serghaya, Damascus to ensure the protection of the Syrian people from Al-Qaeda.
  • How about the FBI investigates Hillary Clinton for her **ACTUAL** ties to the barbaric regimes in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar?