Sunday, April 16, 2017


New Labour Party organ THE GUARDIAN maintains:

The government’s top law officer is going to court to demand the rejection of an attempt to prosecute Tony Blair over the Iraq war, the Guardian has learned.
The planned intervention by the attorney general comes after a judge ruled the former Labour prime minister had immunity from the attempt to bring a criminal charge against him and that pursuing a prosecution could “involve details being disclosed under the Official Secrets Act”.

The private prosecution relates to the 2003 Iraq war and seeks the trial in a British court of then prime minister Tony Blair, the foreign secretary Jack Straw, and Lord Goldsmith, the attorney general at the time.


The Attorney General's spokesman added: "It is not unusual for the Attorney General to intervene in these sort of cases in order to represent the public interest."
Imran Khan, for Ribat, said his client was “baffled as to why it is that despite the Chilcot report making it very clear that the war was illegal, attempts are below made to prevent those responsible from entering a court, let alone being prosecuted for what they did”.

War Criminal Tony Blair -- the Hillary of England -- belongs behind bars.

Here's some reaction to the latest news.

  1. Tories are scared that allowing the prosecution of Tony Blair will establish a precedent under which they can be prosecuted for their crimes
  2. Establishment close ranks. Protecting war criminal Tony Blair number one priority. Never mind has blood of 1 million Iraqis on his hands.

  1. The protect their own
  2. Attorney General 'looking to block bid to prosecute Tony Blair'
  3. This is wrong he should NOT have immunity. Attorney General in court to block Tony Blair prosecution via
  4. The Attorney General is seeking to block a bid to prosecute Tony Blair over the Iraq war, according to reports.
  5. Government going to court to attempt to have prosecution of Tony Blair for the Iraq war thrown out.

Will there ever be accountability?

Was there accountability for Watergate?


And John Dean's been resurrected as a hero.

He is a vile and disgusting man who only came forward in an attempt to get an immunity deal -- and his attorney (one of his two attorneys) told CBS NEWS that Dean was worried that he was too "pretty" for prison.

There is no accountability, only the pretense of it.

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