Saturday, April 22, 2017

'Remember when material support for al Qaeda was a bad thing?' (Rania Khalek)

Some Tweets from journalist Rania Khalek.

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    When Al Qaeda does attack again & Trump blames all Muslims, remember it was US policy that resurrected the group
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    A typical moderate FSA rebel says: "whether ur Nusra, Ahrar ,Faylaq, our names differ but what unites us is Jihad on the path to God
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    Meet the pundits who cheered on Libya's destruction and want to do the same to Syria: via
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    Look how nice and progressive the Middle East was before Islam came along. You know Islam? That 40 year old religion.
  5. A lot of times Adam Weinstein's TL makes my day
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    Having discussed role of Eco in the crisis, this thread will discuss religious sectarianism & long role of Islamists / Ikhwan in
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    In US bombings of Iraq & Syria since 2014, Pentagon claims only 229 of the 70,000 "militants" killed were civilians
  8. Remember when material support for al Qaeda was a bad thing?
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    Turkish-backed "Eastern Shield Army" releases statement declaring its formation made up of factions from E Syria to fight YPG, IS & SAA
  10. Chinese jihadi group was instrumental in fighting the Syrian govt in Aleppo, which ppl in the US cheered
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    Coming tnt: w/ . For now, get bonus content!
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    Champs-Elysées attack: ISIS best campaigner for Le Pen now going out of her way to capitalize on fear& Islamophobia
  13. Who's fighting ISIS in Syria? It's mostly the countries that the US state department portrays as villains
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    Cutting through Syria media propaganda, imperial wars, US foreign policy—Interview with on
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    On tour with , as the group seeks to paint as afraid of a new conflict. My story:
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    shows off future battlefield against
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    15 yrs from now you won't be judged for simply opposing war on Iraq. Question all narratives pushing US in direction of intervention and war
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    Thread listing/debunking Maddow's odd Trump/Russia theories: