Sunday, June 04, 2017

Mike Prysner on Venezuela

Some Tweets from journalist, veteran and anti-imperialist Mike Prysner:

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    Handy image for when opposition, supporters & mass media make their "60 murdered by Maduro dictatorship" claim:
  2. Tragic news. Another victim of utterly horrific, racist violence from 's fascistic opposition
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    Venezuelan Opposition Spreads Lies About US Journalists & , Inciting Violence, Death Threats
  4. opposition protesters outside event last night chose to make signs promoting false smear campaign rather than any political point
  5. Great turnout last night @ Eyewitness forum! Few protesters outside yelling anti-communist slogans helped illustrate many points
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    Looking forward to presenting on tonight in LA. Join us if you're interested in the side you won't see on corporate media!
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    Replying to   and 
    More calls to lynch & I for doing journalism by Venezuela's "peaceful opposition"
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    Miami "journalist" spreading blatant lies about reporters who face death threats from violent Venezuelan opposition
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  10. True face of 's opposition movement, . Thanks for revealing true colors to US progressives you're all trying to trick
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    Venezuela's information/communication ministry speaks out in support of
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    SON PERIODISTAS. ¿Qué hay de las medidas de protección para los periodistas? NOTITIA CRIMINIS.
  13. "Emmy-winning journalist" helping spread totally false claim & incitement to violence, that we arent journalists but actual government spies
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    Replying to   and 
    These lies by official opposition leaders & major press are already inciting dozens of Venezuelan fascists to call for our lynching
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    Replying to 
    Official opp press issues dangerous incitement by falsely alleging I'm a Venezuelan govt spy for interviewing protesters & doing journalism
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    Manifestaciones de solidaridad con Venezuela en la
  17. 's "peaceful, democratic" opposition is exact same that used snipers to murder many civilians, overthrew democratic gov't in 2002
  18. Canadian right-winger tracking our movements for murderous opposition, now inciting them to attack our community forum on Friday