Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More from Mike Prysner on Venezuela

Journalist, veteran and anti-imperialism activist Mike Prysner covers Venequela.

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    Handy image for when opposition, supporters & mass media make their "60 murdered by Maduro dictatorship" claim:
  • Human Rights Watch seems to favor a violent coup, rather than a "hold out" for the democratic presidential election in 2018.
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    How the Venezuelan opposition incited a lynch mob & death threats against & me for doing journalism
  • opp's Goldman Sachs "outrage" example of how opposition tries to cut EVERY economic lifeline for country to BANKRUPT, not help it
  • Tragic news. Another victim of utterly horrific, racist violence from 's fascistic opposition
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    Venezuelan Opposition Spreads Lies About US Journalists & , Inciting Violence, Death Threats
  • opposition protesters outside event last night chose to make signs promoting false smear campaign rather than any political point
  • Great turnout last night @ Eyewitness forum! Few protesters outside yelling anti-communist slogans helped illustrate many points