Saturday, July 15, 2017

Green Party US remains the party for #SinglePayer

Some Tweets from the Green Party:

  • Getting ready to start another productive day at the Annual Meeting
  • Largest iceberg to break off Antarctica is the size of DE.. We must take care of our environment or else this will continue
  • It's about to go down! Bring the energy because I'm bringing my A Game!
  • At annual conf. In Newark, NJ
  • We are here at the so many inspirational speakers!
  • Interesting. 60% of Democrats and 76% of unaffiliated voters are ready to vote their conscience. RT if you are too.
  • Zerlina Smith, chair of Illinois Green Party, addressing the workshop at ANM
  • Good times with members Zerlina, Michael and Cherish at the ! Love meeting the wonderful people in 💚
  • Attending the Building Green Party Power workshop at the Annual National Meeting in Newark
  • Democrats in 2000: "the world will literally end if Bush is elected!!" Democrats in 2017: "we need Bill Clinton and GWB to stage a coup!!"
  • So the war criminal George W. Bush is the silly, huggable uncle now huh?
  • Want to wish Elizabeth a happy birthday? Donate to her campaign today: 🎈 🎉 🎂 🎊🎁 thank you!
  • Join the mass exodus as join the into the new era! .