Saturday, July 15, 2017

Price tags on #healthcare mean toe tags on us (BAR)


  • Does Chokwe Lumumba know that all the Berniecrats plan to do is pimp him, his father's legacy, & Black liberation?
  • Black officials begin their uselessness by using the words "our" and "" in the same sentence.
  • You might be rogue if you: 1) Don't lick boots clean 2) Don't bow to Uncle Sam's army 3) Are
  • As long as there are price tags on , there'll be unnecessary toe tags on us. The only cure is
  • is a celebration of aristocrats who sealed our , the barbie dolls of the rich putting BBQ on the pit.
  • & on the UN Human Rights Council. What's next? George Zimmerman & Darren Wilson doing Copwatch?
  • The would rather Libya & Syria on than be in solidarity with oppressed peoples of the world
  • Indigenous African Nukes on Then was elected, and Americans became embarrassed
  • Who better to write 's obituary than the 7 billion people whose labor, time, and lives are stolen by it?