Monday, September 04, 2017

Alienation and deprivation in Sunni majority areas

Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Burma, amongst others where innocent children are being killed. Which country will they target next

What will we say in a decade when we're asked how we turned a blind eye to all this death and destruction?

How will we justify it?

Like Mad Maddie Albright?

It's a shame so few are willing to call it out now when it actually could make a difference.

Osama Bin Javaid filed a report for ALJAZEERA today further noting just how divided the country of Iraq remains during this ongoing war.

Osama Bin Javaid :  Check posts like this caused friction between local people and security forces even before ISIL fighters arrived.  Two years after ISIL was forced out of Jurf al-Salchar  people are complaining security forces are not allowing them to return.  The majority Sunni population is afraid of the Sunni militias -- or Popular Mobilization Units -- who now control the town.  People agreed to talk to us only if we hide their identities. 

Man: We can't live in exile forever.  Our families are displaced and Shi'ite militias are asking  for money to allow us to return.  

Osama Bin Javaid :  Many parts of Iraq -- which government forces and their allies have recaptured from ISIL -- used to be Sunni majority areas.  Now Sunnis are scattered across Iraq.  The UN mission in Iraq is concerned by the provincial council's decision to block the return of thousands of people to Jurf al-Sakhar.  The UN wants the council to respect the fundamental rights of people to return to their homes.  The Shia led local government says it's still finding weapons in the town and the returning population could pose security threats.  Militias in charge of Jurf al-Sakhar deny accusations of intmidation and arbitrary arrests.

Shia Militia Spokesperson Ahmed al-Assadi: We disapprove of any claim regarding kidnapped people.  Such actions slanders the reputation of Iraq's security forces who liberated these areas and maintain the security there.

Osama Bin Javaid : Sunni MPs say all areas leading to Shia holy site have been cleansed of Sunni people.  And they warn that success against armed groups can only last if the government is strong enough to provide justice to all Iraqis regardless of their sect. 

Sunni MP Ahmed al-Salmani:  People in these areas are not allowed to return. These acts are unethical, unconstitutional and lacking in national vision. Those who are doing such things think they are above the law.  Everyone should be abiding by the law.  Otherwise, it's just chaos.

Osama Bin Javaid : Displaced people are appealing for help from the federal government.  This woman says her three sons were kidnapped by armed men.

Woman:  They detained them without a warrant.  We are recognized by the Internal Affairs Department of our town and the checkpoints have our i.d.s and they are all registered.

Osama Bin Javaid:  The alienation and deprivation in Sunni majority areas provided fertile ground for ISIL to flourish.  Now that ISIL's been defeated from most of Iraq's urban centers, a tough challenge will be to bridge the gaps in a divided society. Osama Bin Javaid, ALJAZEERA, Erbil, northern Iraq.

Nothing has changed.

New government fighters have been trained, but nothing has changed.

I believe we all saw where this roads leads.

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