Saturday, September 09, 2017

Sarah Abdallah Tweets

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

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    WRONG. In 2016, Obama admin Apprehensions = 530,250, Deportations = 344,354. In 2015, Apprehensions = 462,388, Deportations = 333,341.
  • Says the man who deported more illegal immigrants than any other US President in history. Spare us the crocodile tears Obama.
  • Assad doesn't have legitimacy because of fringe rightist personalities but because millions of Syrians voted him into office.
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    My latest piece- Never say die: Syria’s heroic footballers are an inspiration to us all
  • The world is much safer with Russia on Syria's front lines: 40 ISIS jihadists, including 4 commanders, sent to hell by Russian forces today.
  • Syria's President & First Lady warmly received by the Syriac Orthodox Church in Saidnaya. Something that you'll never see in Saudi Arabia.
  • Hey , you know it's time to go far, far away when even people from within your own party are tired of you & all your excuses.
  • In other words, this former presidential candidate spent his CIA days doing exactly what Obama, McCain and Hillary did in and .
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    Goals: to find a man who looks at you the way Putin looks at a judo tournament in Japan. 😍
  • The "enemies" are those who finance and harbor terrorists and spread jihadist ideology worldwide, i.e. the Saudi tyrants who hosted you. 🙄
  • What the mainstream media won't show us today: 's First Lady visits the children of Syrians who gave their lives fighting terrorism.
  • Coming from a man who is the very embodiment of "cruelty". Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Haiti and so many more are a testament to it.
  • Major shock here--but being a corrupt war criminal who arms terrorists and takes tyrants' money tends to have that kinda effect on people.
  • Israel bombed the Syrian Army--the very ones who are making ISIS collapse all across --and killed 2 soldiers today. Let that sink in.