Sunday, November 26, 2017

Make The Call

Something you can do Monday (or Tuesday) . . . 

From The ACLU:

Update: Time is running out. Chairman Pai has released a draft order of his plan, that if adopted, would undo net neutrality. Make a call to Congress now to save net neutrality.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai plans to announce a vote on November 22 to allow major corporations – like Verizon and Comcast – the power to block mobile apps, slow websites, and even control which news outlets we can access. Hearing enough strong disapproval from Congress could persuade him to stall this disturbing plan. 
Call your members of Congress today and tell them you oppose Chairman Pai’s plans to dismantle net neutrality.

Enter YOUR phone number (including area code). Make sure this phone is near you now. We’ll route your call to your members of Congress.

Once connected, introduce yourself to the congressional staffer who answers the phone and say:
I'm asking you to contact FCC Chairman Pai and demand he abandon his current plan to dismantle net neutrality. The free flow of information on the internet is critical to a healthy democracy.