Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Senator Patty Murray Tweets

Some Tweets from Senator Patty Murray:

  • Too many Washingtonians have been lost to the . We must use every tool in our belt to stop these tragedies.
  • It’s been 85 days since President Trump rescinded DACA and jeopardized the futures of hundreds of thousands of young people who are American in every way but their birth. We won’t forget, and we won’t stop.
  • Proud of our bipartisan work to make sure our veterans and their caregivers have the support they earned.
  • Today’s vote to expand the VA caregivers program is a win for our vets, but our work to honor their service & sacrifice is far from over.
  • Republicans’ tax plan may be based on “myths & falsehoods,” but it will have real consequences that will hurt middle class families & communities
  • Too many Native American women in Washington state and nationwide experience staggering levels of violence and murder. They are , and together we can raise awareness & work to combat these crimes.
  • “Only a bipartisan, bicameral piece of legislation will provide a lasting solution” for our friends, coworkers & neighbors who came out of the shadows. It’s past time to
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    Republicans can't hide behind our bipartisan health care legislation—it won’t do a thing to protect patients from the new damage done if Republicans jam their tax bill through.
  • If there was ever any doubt, it is now abundantly clear that our bipartisan health care deal will not protect families from Republicans' plan to sabotage families’ health care to pay for tax breaks for massive corporations.
  • When asked if all women should have access to the health care their doctor recommends for them, President Trump’s nominee to lead says employers’ beliefs are the priority.
  • Mr. Azar, I disagree. I think women’s access to the health care their doctors recommend for them should be the first priority.
  • . under President Trump has so far been determined to create problems, and I will continue doing everything I can to hold to the highest possible standards of ethics and service.
  • Yet another shattered promise by President Trump to "drain the swamp" & stand with working families →
  • Democrats have repeatedly warned Labor that further delay would weaken protections, cause confusion, & harm Americans saving for retirement.
  • But now that Republican leaders are trying to jam through this massive tax cut for the rich—which every analysis has shown would blast a hole in our deficit…. The silence, so far, is deafening.
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    When Democrats wanted to increase investments in education, health care, and middle class tax cuts—deficit hawks were front and center, leading the opposition.
  • If anyone is looking for a markup on a tax bill that cuts taxes for the middle class & actually creates jobs… Spoiler: You won’t find it.
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    A message to Republicans: Set aside President Trump’s bizarre demands, don’t pay attention to his Tweets, and work with us to get this done in a way that works for families and the middle class.
  • Democrats are at the table, we’re working, and we want a bipartisan deal. But President Trump is making is just as clear that he has no interest in that.
  • Keeping the government open shouldn’t be hard—and it shouldn’t be a fight.