Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tareq al-Hashemi? The US government knew there was no evidence against him

tareq al-hashemi

Tareq al-Hashemi.

How the whores of the western press did attack this man.

The Sunni from Iraq was the country's vice president for two terms.

Nouri al-Maliki went after him.  It was a very long process and we won't go into all here.  Nouri called Tareq a terrorist and the laughable court in Baghdad went after Tareq.

Thursday, February 16th 2012, an incredible act of judicial abuse took place as the 'independent' Supreme Court in Baghdad issued a finding of guilt against Tareq al-Hashemi. Was a trial held? Because Article 19 of Iraq's Constitution is very clear that the accused will not be guilty until convicted in a court of law. No. There was no trial held. But members of the judiciary -- who should damn well know the Constitution -- took it upon themselves not only to form an investigative panel -- extra-judicial -- but also to hold a press conference and issue their findings. At the press conference, a judge who is a well known Sunni hater, one with prominent family members who have demonized all Sunnis as Ba'athists, one who was then demanding that a member of Iraqiya in Parliament be stripped of his immunity so that the judge can sue him, felt the need to go to the microphone and insist he was receiving threats and this was because of Tareq al-Hashemi, that al-Hashemi was a threat to his family.

While we repeatedly raised issues of concern about this case, the US State Dept was silent.

To the American people.

But on December 21, 2011, Jake Sullivan e-mailed Hillary a long overview of where things stood in Iraq which included the following:

Chief Justice Medhat: Told me that contrary to Maliki to us and to media (below), Judicary specifically banned judge participating in TV confession airing after Medhat tried to pull the plug (this was why two days ago the television spectacle was first off, then later aired). Medhat has now thrown the whole investigation to a special Inquiry of five justices, 'balanced' between Sunnis and Shia (he said he was embarrassed to even say this but felt he had to, we thus did not press on 'ratio'). Only they can issue arrests, etc. Hashemi has an arrest warrant out on him from the Inquiry, and due to a change in the law (ironically sponsored by Hashemi strongly) does not have any immunity. Medhat did see the problem with a case based almost entirely on confessions, with only one piece of hard evidence (a VBIED), no known motive, allegedly against someone who had just pressed to have his own immunity lifted. I pushed hard on the credibility of the judiciary, and Sunni arguments that it was biased. He needed to make the point that the judiciary and this investigation was independent, professional and transparent. After much back and forth he said his official spokesman, a senior judge, would speak to the public on the issue tomorrow. I told him to consider what he can do with Maliki (he has not spoken to him) and with the media. His spokesperson might not be enough.

So they knew.

They knew there was no evidence.

Tareq would be sentenced to death multiple times by the Baghdad 'court.'

And never once would the US government dispute or question that.

Nor would the whorish press of the west.

They tolerated Nouri's abuses because they thought he was working for them.

They were more than willing to watch Tareq be executed because justice didn't matter to the US government.

Spreading democracy?  Don't make me laugh.