Saturday, January 06, 2018

"Start your MLK commemoration the right way" Baltimore rally 1/12 3:00 pm

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    I’m paraphrasing but this is what Obama said to . “I’m sorry for your loss but f**k you.” In 8 years Obama DOJ only prosecuted 2 cops. The one who killed was not one of them. He is still on the force and got overtime pay for appearing in court.
  2. I had a great convo with . Enjoy!
  3. Crooked Hillary Clinton Sloppy Steve Bannon Michael Wolff total loser Yes. I’m reading Trump tweets.
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    Law Professor: New York Times Recycling ‘Old News’ to Keep Russiagate Alive: via & my question: "doesn't obstruction of justice require proving a crime to begin with that gets obstructed? With Watergate there WAS at least an initial crime."
  5. Start your MLK commemoration the right way. Join our rally in Baltimore on Friday, 1/12 at 3pm. Close all foreign military bases. . . .
  6. Join this anti-war action on MLK Day in Newark NJ.
  7. Thanks to for having me on the air. We had a great conversation.
  8. You can hear me now on . Listen live.
  9. I can’t wait! Just a few more minutes.
  10. I am a very stable genius. Just like the president.
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    Also add-on hyperinflating real estate and rents. The strange thing is no one in MSM is talking about this
  12. Bitcoin. Dow at 25,000. But retailers like Sears and Macy's closing stores across the country. I think a bubble is about to burst.
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    FWIW "Trump Never Wanted To Be President" makes defeat all the more abysmal ...
  14. If Trump starts his own war it will be because Israel and Saudi Arabia want him to. That means democrats will go right along.
  15. Trump is a fascist. Trump is insane. Trump is stupid. Trump never wanted to be president at all. His predecessors were smarty pants ivy leaguers who wanted the job. They killed a lot of people all over the world, expanded incarceration, destroyed public assistance. So whatever.
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    Joel Whitney’s new book explores how the influenced acclaimed writers and publications during the to produce subtly anti-communist material. It comes at a particularly tense time, as accusations of fake news and Russian fly.
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    "Russiagate" as Religion: "This secular religion has attracted hordes of converts in the first year of the Trump presidency...Sometimes—like the stories about Russian interference in the French and German elections—they are not retracted even after they have been discredited."
  18. Not the first time this has been reported. Trump didn’t think he would win.
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    If you are an established Black American educator who would be interested in contributing to our social media pages and/or greater cause, please DM us, or email us at the following address: BlackSocialists.USA[at]gmail[dot]com We need all of the help we can get. Thank you!
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    Founder of propaganda organization which was paid by Clinton to deliver fake dirt on Trump claims he has a valid opinion ....
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    Can't wait for Newsweek's "science writer" to start churning out some "Black on Black crime" and "Black man shot by police was no angel" pieces. Hopefully she has some awesome "woman sexually assaulted was wearing a short skirt" articles she could write up, too.
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    I don't know why people are losing their minds over this tweet. This is just the US corporation finally having a puppet that doesn't sugarcoat things. The US has been bombing innocent people 93% of the time since its inception 1776. Trump isn't what needs to be stopped.
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    People rehabilitated by Democrats: Henry Kissinger George W. Bush David Frum Bill Kristol People not rehabilitate by Democrats Ralph Nader Chelsea Manning Susan Sarandon Nina Turner