Sunday, December 31, 2017

What a gaggle of gabby cry babies

If one things come through loud and clear in the  State Dept e-mails during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State, it's that they were so touchy -- a gaggle of gabby cry babies.

Philip J. Crowley, after resigning from State, writes a piece for POLITICO where he argues that Barack Obama wasn't following through on things that needed to be followed through on.  The response?

Denis McDonough whines of Crowley, "Also, in the 2 years he worked in government, was he ever consistent on anything?"

By the way, he was the Deputy National Security Advisor at the time he felt the need to weigh in.

During this time, Hillary wonders if they should respond to Crowley or "leave alone."  Cheryl Mills replies "would leave."  (Mills is tight with Crowley and the two worked on his public announcement that he was leaving the State Dept after Crowley publicly criticized the Pentagon for its treatment of Chelsea Manning.)

And, of course, there's "Sid."  Sidney Blumenthal.

He's always e-mailing "H" (Hillary) at her various e-mail accounts.  He's always got some tip or juicy gossip -- such as April 2, 2010 when he just wants to insult David Axelrod who was then Senior Advisor to the President (Barack Obama), "Ed Luce of the FT told me Axelrod emailed him that his sources are 'wretched.' Luce, of course, offered to correct any factual errors and Axelrod did not respond. Very touchy. Sid."

"Pathetic" probably better describes all the e-mails Jamie Rubin sent to create MY DINNER WITH HILLARY which, he insisted, would boast an all star cast: "Eleanor Randolph and carol Gicaomo from the New York times editorial board, Richard Cohen of Washington post, David Remnick and Rick Herzberg from the New Yorker, Leon Wieseltier and Frank Foer from the New Republic, Tina Brown from Newsweek, my wife from CNN and ABC, and maybe one or two others like Tom Brokaw."

Jamie Rubin's wife is, of course, Christiane Amanpour who, contrary to all rumors, has not died from her addiction to liquid eye liner -- not yet anyway.

Back to Sidney.

He's Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons combined with just a dash of Miss Rona.

In a November 15, 2012 e-mail, he dishes, "Spoke with Peter Westmacott, UK ambassador, last night, at strange Tina sponsored event, "Hero Summit," where Petraeus was to be keynote and McRaven delivered a testimonial to Petraeus' character as the finest officer he had ever met, etc. to stormy applause (what the hell, see brain washed testimonials to Raymond Shaw in Manchurian Candidate). (Melanne was there.) Peter volunteered that he had been at MacDill and witnessed the financially and personally sketchy Jill Kelley's appalling social envelopment of virtually the entire social life of the base, coopting the generals, admirals and their wives with herself at the center as queen bee. So who the hell is she? South Korean honorary consul? Huh? Even if she is just an ambitious dope (or in another jargon, unwitting asset of someone or some power), the scene is squalid. This is the center of the war on terror? Or is it the set of the next season of Homeland?"

He works in a dig at Tina Brown's hosting abilities ("strange"), knocks David Petraeus and tosses in references to HOMELAND and THE MANUCHURIAN CANDIDATE.  Toss in a mention of Mitt Romney's dog Seamus and he could be Gail Collins!

You'll find Hillary left Huma and Lona to keep track of those June 8th and 15th 2010 concerts by Carole King and James Taylor.  Not sure if Hillary was hoping for complimentary tickets or didn't know how to work Ticket Master by herself.

But the best e-mail of all may be this one:

From: Einhom, Robert J
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 3:06 PM
To: Burns, William 3; Catalano, Elisa; Wells, Alice G; Crowley, Philip 3; Sullivan, Jacob 3; Steinberg, James B; Van Diepen, Vann H; Nephew, Richard M; Timble, James P; Kemp, Scott; Yu, Alan K; Kim-Scott, Patricia Rvu, Rex on Y.; Samore, Gary S.; Talwar, Puneet; 'Hammer, Michael A.'; 'Magsamen, Kelly E.'; 'Benjamin_Chang 'Rhodes, Benjamin B6 J.'; Davies, Glyn T; Wood, Robert A; McDonough, Denis R.; 'Ross, Dennis B.'
Subject: FW: from sy hersh
Below is an email from Sy Hersh saying he is now ready to write a story for the New Yorker claiming that the US and its allies have "no empirical evidence of any nuclear weaponization facilities in Iran." He will also deal with alleged special ops and the "newly proposed NIE" (which he says doesn't have USG unity). He seems to conclude that "it is also a fact that Iran just may be telling it the way it is when it says — as it has forever—that they are not interested in the bomb." Like many of Herth's sensationalist and inaccurate pieces, this one may cause a stir, and it could give ammunition to Iran in the months ahead. I pass this on for situational awareness and early warning. Unless otherwise instructed, I don't plan to respond to him. By the way, his reference to "our last chat" was when I called him to say that his Pakistan piece about a year ago — claiming that Pakistani generals were sharing with us information about the locations of Pakistani nuclear weapons so that we could gain control over them in a crisis — was totally inaccurate, irresponsible, and very damaging to U.S. interests. That was just before I called his editor to say the piece amounted to journalistic malpractice and was far below New Yorker standards.

Robert Einhom.  What a little bitch.  And so scared that the "chat" cited by Sy Hersh might indicate to others at State that the two were friendly.  

Notice how he brags "I called his editor to say the piece amounted to journalistic malpractice and was far below New Yorker standards."

Don't ever say these people wasted their lives . . . on anything but the trivial.