Saturday, January 13, 2018

Help keep the momentum going for January 16 Hedges/North meeting

From WSWS:

Support is growing for the World Socialist Web Site’s upcoming livestream event, “Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship” featuring David North and Chris Hedges, to be held Tuesday, January 16 at 7 PM EST.
Award-winning Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger threw his support behind the meeting, writing: “As a journalist and filmmaker who has long navigated the mainstream, I offer my support to this important discussion between Chris Hedges and David North.”

Pilger called the WSWS, Wikileaks, Counterpunch, and other left-wing news sources “crucial,” and said “the filtering and limiting of Google searches of these sites is rank censorship…The matter is urgent; voices must be raised! I urge my colleagues to break their silence.”

Attendees from six continents and dozens of countries have signed-up for this world event even as Google, Facebook, and other platforms continue to censor articles from the WSWS.
Keep our momentum going! Register for the event today.

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