Thursday, January 11, 2018

March with the Ms. Community at a Women's March!

Join the Ms. Marches Group and Meet Feminists Near You!

Dear Common Ills,

One year after the historic Women’s Marches, hundreds of Women’s Marches are again being planned across the country for the weekend of January 20. We encourage you to take the streets and participate—and we want to help you find other feminists to make noise with, too.

Today, we’re launching the Ms. Marches Facebook group, a community space where Ms. readers can learn more about marches, rallies and protests near them—and meet-up with other feminists there!We want to help Ms. readers and members—activists like you—tap into the feminist communities in their area. Click here to join!

We knew going into 2017 that we would face challenges, but from the January Women's Marches to the explosion of the #MeToo movement, feminists have amplified our voices and embraced our momentum—declaring with full force that women will not be silenced and we will not go back. (In 2018, with an election season in full swing, we must also mobilize the largest women’s vote ever.)

After you join the Ms. Marches community, you can share your local Women's March event or find someone else who has—and from there, you can form delegations of Ms. community members and even figure out a meeting place! 
The march to the polls starts now. Take the first step with us! Join the Ms. Marches Facebook community—and invite your friends to join, too! (Make sure they also join the Feminist Action Network to stay connected and fight on after the marches are over.)
Carmen Rios
Ms. Digital Editor
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